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Command to Invoke PC 11.51

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Command to Invoke PC 11.51

Hi All,


I am using ALM 11.51


  a) I am looking for a command line which can server following.

  b) Invoke HP PC 11.51


Run a specific scenario in a specific project.


I know in standalone it can be done but not sure in performance center.


Thank you for your response.


Ajay Kumar

HPE Expert

Re: Command to Invoke PC 11.51

'Run load test' is not a simple single step, it includes many tasks, may machines involved .. like getting information from ALM, checking for available timeslot, host machines, lgs, and many more .. it is impossible to run a test manually in the PC.

Use LR if you simply want to run a load test. Use the command line parameters of controller process wlrun.exe to launch a load test.


If it doesnt answer your query or completely different, please elaborate.

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Re: Command to Invoke PC 11.51

Thank you Madman for your response.


I hear what you are trying to say its not so easy as it involves lot of initialization steps which takes place when we trigger execution from PC.


However I know the fact that it is bit complex to execute the test through command line from PC. Whereas it is way simpler running command line execution on LR (Standalone). Still I am curious to know if at all we can get the command line executions triggered for PC. If you have the steps please help. I am aware you made a comment that it is impossible but is that true statement?


Thank you for your help.



Jay Kumar

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event