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Hi all,


When I launch IE and go to the application URL, I am not prompted for any certificate information.


When I record the same URL from LoadRunner, a page pops up that looks like a self-signed certificate page.  This is not the behavior when application is launched outside of LoadRunner.


See attached screenshot...I do not get this page when launching URL manually (outside of LR).


Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated...it's almost as if LoadRunner is not seeing the Certificate.  I've never come across this behavior before...


Thanks again,




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Re: Certificates?

As LoadRunner sits in between the client and server, we need to take this certificate information from the client and pass it on to the server. So, we need to have the certificate in .pem format.


Steps to troubleshoot: Use openSSL to convert the client side certificate to .pem format and add it in the port mapping in recording options


In Internet Explorer:


Choose Tools > Internet Options. Select the Content tab and click Certificates.

Select a certificate from the list and click Export.

Click Next several times until you are prompted for a password.

Enter a password and click Next.

Enter a file name and click Next.

Click Finish


In Netscape:


Choose Communicator > Tools > Security Info.

Click on the Yours link in the Certificates category in the left pane.

Select a certificate from the list in the right pane, and click Export

Enter a password and click OK.

Enter a filename and save the information.


The resulting certificate file is in PKCS12 format. To convert the file to PEM format, use the openssl.exe utility located in the LoadRunner bin directory. To run the utility:


Open a DOS command window.

Set the current directory to the LoadRunner bin directory.

Type openssl pkcs12 -in <input_file> -out <output file.pem>

Enter the password you chose in the export process.

Enter a new password (it can be the same as before).

Enter the password again for verification.


In Recording Options > Port Mapping > check the option for "Use specified client side certificate" and point to the saved .pem file.

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Re: Certificates?

What are the steps to set up the same in Firefox?

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Re: Certificates?

But, exportig the certificate only works if the issuer allows for this, if I understand correctly. I am currently testing a SAP CRM system, and it is not possible to export the certificate to PKCS12. So then, it does not work!

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Re: Certificates?

>What are the steps to set up the same in Firefox?


Tools > Advanced > Encryption > View Certificates

Look under either Servers or Authorities, click on it, then Export and select PEM format.