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Can TruClient start IE with the -nomerge option?

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Can TruClient start IE with the -nomerge option?



I am using "simulate new user each iteration set" with "failed event causes step failure" when testing using TruClient and IE10 (VUgen 11.52 patch 1). In the script I made sure cache and cookies are cleared before the usecase actually starts. The problem is that sometimes the scripts runs into an unexpected situation, and it is rather random at what point this happens. When this happens the script step will then fail and the iteration aborts. Next iteration cache and cookies are cleared, but on the server the session remains for 15 more minutes. So when the browser approaches the server again the page presented is how it was left at time of the abort of the previous iteration. The app developer tells me that I should start IE with the -nomerge commandline option to make sure a new session is started on the server.


Can this be done in TruClient?




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Re: Can TruClient start IE with the -nomerge option?

Hi Peet, 


I would suggest you to try the following possible workarounds:

1. Create a parameter in the init part LR.setParam("isLogged","false")

2. In the Action

 if LR.getParam("isLogged")=="true"

execute log off step

3. Log in and set LR.setParam("isLogged","true")

4. Perform the rest of the steps 

5. At the end of the script if the user logs off successfully set isLogged to false again. 


Kind regards, 

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Re: Can TruClient start IE with the -nomerge option?

Thanks, it's simple, I could have thought of this...(but didn't).


But from your answer I understand that the - nomerge commandline option is not possible in TruClient?




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Re: Can TruClient start IE with the -nomerge option?

Hi Peet,

It isn't.



Guy Rosenthal
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