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Can LoadRunner do this ?

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Can LoadRunner do this ?

I want to stress test a web page which contains streaming connections made to another backend server

with user port say 2345 i.e. tcp connections.


Can I use LoadRunner to capture a session and replay it for 1,000 VPUs say, to see how many

such connections can the backend server can substain ?  Any comment/suggestion please ?



Shlomi Nissim
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Can LoadRunner do this ?

it sounds like it should be possible to drive this kind of workload using LoadRunner. Either using Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol to triger the connections creation from the web, or by mimicking the web page logic using Winsockets protocol.


I would start using Web(HTTP/HTML) protocol checking what type of information in the web page needs to be parameterized or correlated in order to make sure

1. the application logic works as expected under multiple connections

2. and the amount of backend connections is as expected.


I recommend using SiteScope for monitoring the number  of TCP connections on the server as well as other vital system resources to check the performance and scalability of the application.