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Average Response times

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Average Response times

When i perform log in task on application,  it takes about 2-3 seconds but when i perform the same scenario in loadrunner tool, it gives average response of more than 10 seconds?


Also while running above scenario multiple times, it has been noticed Average Response Time given by loadrunner is not always consistent. Sometimes it would be 10 seconds and for other run it would be 7 seconds.


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Re: Average Response times


This is actually expected, when you run a loadtest the response time is expected to be higher, it depends on how much load the server is taking and how powerfull it is, but also notice this is an average, not the time for each en everysingle vuser, so let say you ran 10 vusers, and all of them nedeed 2 seconds to complete this transaction, but 2 of them needed 10 seconds and one more needed 20 seconds, so the reported average will be 5.4 seconds,  the less vusers you run the higher the impact in average, you should check the 90 percentile to get a better idea of what is going on with most of vusers.



hope this helps




Loadrunner truClient transaction time breakdown

I am new to loadrunner.I have created scripts using truclient protocol.How to get breakdown transaction time in Analysis.
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Re: Loadrunner truClient transaction time breakdown

Yes, its very hard even for people to understand and consume when you do load test things are different than a single user test and even you can't repro such situations by few users exercising work-flows manually. Its all about timing... if you do things slowly server has breathing time to process and response and if you do too fast you see things get queued that affect response.


When you finish your test. You can filter think time and also see raw values in Loadrunner analysis to get better idea as which users and what iterations are slow.  If transaction has more number of steps then you can break it down further to find the slower action causing issues during load. In case of TruClient also don't forget to use Truclient functions such as Utils.addAutoFilter(...) , Utils.removeAutoFilter(..., ... ) to avoid calls to external sites like facebook, twitter , googleapis, etc.  if they aren't relevant to make your functionality work and cause extra non-predictive delays.


I hope it helps!