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About Ajax Truclient Protocol 11.04 Firefox


About Ajax Truclient Protocol 11.04 Firefox

Hello all,


I am a little confused with the use of Ajax Truclient 11.04 Firefox. The response time is so far different with HTTP protocol.... Can you give me a hand ?


- What are the differences between fonctions WAIT FOR OBJECT and VERIFY FOR OBJECT ? We can often use the first or the second without difference...

- What are impacts on the response time about VERIFY and WAIT if they are into transactions ?

- Can we compare responses time between HTTP and Truclient protocols ?

- The measured responses time are they dependents on performance of the injector? (PC that run VUser)


Thanks for your knowledge....


Micro Focus Expert

Re: About Ajax Truclient Protocol 11.04 Firefox


You may want to read the vugen userguide, specifically the chapter dedicated to this protocol.

In general you cannot compare the truclient wone with any other, this one is GUI based, so it needs to load all the stuff the page has, therefore is slower and heavier, a regular web script only sends the html request and receives the response, it doesnt work on a GUI based way, while TC does, the functions you indicate are designed to provide a way for wait for an object to load, when you record  loading a picture may take 1 second only, but while doing loadtest it may take a little longer, so this functions allows you to wait for the picture to load and the other one to verify if the desired object is loaded, it will obviously will impact the response time, but is not because of the function, is because it indicates that script must not continue until the picture loads.


hope this clarifies.