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IAP v2.05 - 2.1 BCC field issue

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IAP v2.05 - 2.1 BCC field issue


Using Exchange 2007 with envelope journaling enbaled, so BCC and expanded DL info is captured in envelope and ingested into the IAP fine.  The issue seems to be when viewing as a compliance officer in IAP UI.  Seems the expanded DL AND the BCC user BOTH end up in the "recipients" field, clouding the separation when a user is BCC'd along with a DL and/or is a DL is BCC'd.  I know this was not the case in earlier versions of RISS as the BCC filed (still present in the UI) used to be populated instead.  Anyone else seeing this behavior and/or know why or if it can be fixed?  I have an open case with HP now.


Exposed in RISS/IAP <see attached example>

1 – Expanded distribution lists are shown under the “Recipients:” field in the RISS UI (to be expected)

2 – BCC users s are shown under the “Recipients:” field in the RISS UI (Used to show under the Bcc: field).  From this view, you cannot tell who is actually BCC’d.


Second, we use a product called Clearwell to front end the IAP for eDiscovery. Seems the API that HP allows for access into teh IAP is NOT allowing Clearwell to export BCC data OR expanded DL metadata?  Seems like a huge element to be missing from eDiscovery.  Anyone seeing this as well?




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Re: IAP v2.05 - 2.1 BCC field issue

Developer comments:


This is the expected behavior. In case of compliance archiving, all the recipients/DL’s in To, Cc & Bcc will be expanded and displayed in the message body of the journal message as recipients. Though we can visually identify the Bcc users’ (only in Exchange Server 2007 & above) from the journal envelope message body, while submitting to IAP, gateway does not differentiate them and all are identified as Recipients only. Based on this Recipient list, IAP will route/map the message to the corresponding repositories. This will result in the behavior reported below but the catch is if we submit the Bcc user as-is then all the other recipients of that message will also see the Bcc information displayed not just for the compliance officer.


Only the sender’s copy has Bcc recipient. And the Bcc recipient will be displayed in Bcc, only for the sender, and only if the sender’s mailbox is selective archived. But please be aware that the senders copy will be treated as a new/fresh message because there is an additional recipient available as Bcc. For example USER1 sent a mail keeping USER2 in To, USER3 in Cc and USER4 in Bcc. In this case the message in USER2, USER3 & USER4 mailboxes’ are identified as duplicates because they all see USER2 in To & USER3 in Cc. But USER1 (senders copy or sent items) has USER2 in To, USER3 in Cc and additional recipient USER4 in Bcc.

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