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HP IAP Start sequence

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HP IAP Start sequence

Hey guys,


Just want to confirm the start sequence for the IAP, haven't had to do this before and the main guy has left...


I have the old RISS documents but the names have changed for the new IAP system. I have read through the IAP but can't find any details on the boot order after shutting down the system.




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Re: HP IAP Start sequence

I know it's a year since this was posted.  I was unaware of this discussion board.  The IAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide has the following information.  The first section below is what to do if the IAP was shut down properly.  The second is the procedure following an abnormal stoppage such as a power failure:


Power on


To power on the IAP:

1.  Make sure the ProCurve switch(es) inside the IAP are powered on. Once power is restored, the

      ProCurve switch(es) should automatically come up.

2.  Power on the kickstart server. Wait five minutes.

3.  Power on everything else. Order is insignificant, unless there has been a power failure (see below).

4.  Wait for all machines to start, then log in to the PCC console and issue the command: /opt/bin/restart


How to restart IAP after a power failure


After a power failure has occurred, a specific power on sequence is required:

1.  Power off all systems.

2.  Power on the kickstart server.

3.  When the kickstart machine is running, log on and issue the commands:


          /etc/init.d/postgresql stop

          /etc/init.d/postgresql start


4.  Wait for the start to complete successfully.

5.  Power on DB2, routers, firewall, and load balancers.

6.  Power on Smartcells.

7.  Power on metaservers.

8.  Power on remaining servers.

9.  Wait for all machines to start, then log in to the PCC console and issue the command: /opt/bin/restart

10.  Once IAP has restarted, verify (with the PCC web interface) that the IAP is running and monitoring

        is reporting system availabilities as expected.





In the event both routers go down, the system should be restarted with

/opt/bin/restart oncethe routers are back up.

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