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TRIM Upgrade from 6.1.SP4 to 7.X

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TRIM Upgrade from 6.1.SP4 to 7.X


We planning to upgrade our TRIM dataset to the latest version but i kindly want to find out if there is an easy way of upgrading client computers without moving from one office to another, one PC to another..., we have over 400 staff and am already scared of starting yet management wants me to do it ASAP and they are dying to see he new TRIM web version in 7.

In 2008 i upgraded out dataset from TRIM Capura to Context 6 SP4 that we are currently using but it was a hell of a process, i had to move up and down installing on every individual computer... now here we are in 2012 with more staff and we have to upgrade..., help me with with some easiest ways, techiques of going around this major upgrade

Thank you


Re: TRIM Upgrade from 6.1.SP4 to 7.X

In the past, we'd gone the route of creating an administrative installation for each regional office (so each could connect to their local WG server) and then using Group Policy to push the installations by assigning the admin install to computer accounts.  This method has its limitations though.  For example, one of the prerequisite supplemental installations needed for Office 2003/2007 (primary interop assemblies, in case you're planning on deploying to a computer with it already) cannot be deployed this way with Group Policy due to the way Microsoft created the installer.  HP had no workaround for this.


Due to that issue, my second plan was going to be to use a script to install all necessary packages using the command line parameters.  The script could be run as a computer log on script, or possibly published in Group Policy as a ZAP file to be installed on user-demand.  I didn't get to test it though because we ended up replacing a large amount of the computer, so we'd just put Trim 7 on our computer image that we applied to them.  And I've just manually installed on the remainder of the computers.

Chris Mcklaren
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Re: TRIM Upgrade from 6.1.SP4 to 7.X



The best advice I can give you is to seek out an experienced TRIM implementer to help you.  There are many technical issues that you need to solve for your upgrade when you consider your current version is 6.1.4.  Additionally your post reads as though your expectation is that you can simply upgrade your production environment (not good).  You need to develop and test your upgrade plan in a test environment that mimics your production systems.


The product changes between your current version of TRIM and version 7.x are many and some of these require a great deal of other software and hardware updates.  Also the underlying communication protocols move from DCOM to TCP/IP Port 1137.  Additionally HP TRIM Servers have been rationalised removing the need for the Syncronisation and Event services...


The above is just a small sample of the changes you will need to manage so I recommend you approach your management to request help from an authorised  HP TRIM implementation partner.


Best Wishes,

Chris Mcklaren


Chris Mcklaren
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Re: TRIM Upgrade from 6.1.SP4 to 7.X

If management are dying to see the new trim 7.1 client I would be setting up a small "Proof of concept" environment for them to look at first based on an upgraded copy of your production systemand leave the production system well alone!


There are so many steps to go through and issues to resolve in an upgrade like this there is no easy solution. Also if you just 'upgrade' then you won't necessarily take advantage of the newer features.


An upgrade is always a good time to seriously navel gaze and think about how trim is implemented in your organisation and plan for changes to the way you use the product to leverage of new features that can improve record keeping, and enhance user productivity and also remove any of the limitations, inefficiencies or frustrations of the existing system.





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Re: TRIM Upgrade from 6.1.SP4 to 7.X


Last month we just upgraded our users from TRIM Context 5.2 to HP TRIM 7.1.1132. We have approximately 100 plus users to be deployed with the new TRIM.

Since it is impossible to install each and every computer, we choose to perform silent deployment using a batch script based on computer startup and put it in the Active Directory server.

I advised you to prepare a hardware and software requirements checklist for all computers first before deployment. In our script, we check for all Windows platform (Windows XP, Vista, 7). Then, ensure that all pre-requisites for HP TRIM are in place (please refer the TRIMSpec.pdf document for more reference).


I have to say that upgrading from a very old version TRIM  Context to the latest TRIM 7 is not an easy job. In our case, we did 2 rounds to perform TRIM upgrade (staging and development servers). These include upgrade dataset schema, upgrade workflow templates and so on.


Luckily we survived since it is a success :)

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