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Welcome to join the ITSMA ChatOps forum!

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Welcome to join the ITSMA ChatOps forum!

Dear everyone,

Thanks for joining the ITSMA ChatOps forum!

In this forum, you are encouraged to create your post on ITSMA ChatOps including your queries, your comments and your achievements. We'd like to engage with you, colllect your feedback and provide timely support to help you adopt the ITSMA ChatOps solution.

As you may know, ITSMA ChatOps consists of the respective ChatOps solutions for each endpoint product, such as SM, UCMDB, AM etc. Please note that SM ChatOps was already released on HPE Live Network, and the other ChatOps solutions will be available soon.

Feel free to use the ITSMA ChatOps solution and provide feedback, and not hesitate to contact us in case you need help.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks & Best Regards,