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SNMP Traffic - what is excessive??

Dave Reddick
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SNMP Traffic - what is excessive??

I have recently been employed by a company that utilizes HP Switches and runs top tools maangement software. I have been concerned by the sluggish response of the network; I noticed (using W2K Network Monitor)a lot of SNMP traffic from our switch. Is this normal? All of the traffic I monitored was directed at my machine, and I can only surmise that an equal amount of SNMP traffic is sent to all machines on my network. Could this be the cause of the slow response times (connecting to Exchange, etc...)??
Thanks in advance.
Louis Goeppinge
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Re: SNMP Traffic - what is excessive??

Typically, the traffic generated by Toptools Device Manager is during discovery and polling. Toptools discovers devices through SNMP, DMI, WMI and HTTP. Polling is just a ping to find out if the device is alive. If the SNMP traffic you are talking about is during Toptools discovery, this would be just between the Toptools computer and the device it is collecting data from.
I don't know how much SNMP traffic is generated by W2K Network Monitor, but that may be a direction to look also.