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DDMi deployment credentials

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DDMi deployment credentials

Dear all,


I want to confirm if we install agent with Admin\Root credentials from third party tool or manually on remote machine, do we still have to set deployment credentials in DDMI application which has Admin\Root access to it?

Can we run scanner under user account other than root? 


Thanks in advance!


Jeff Sikorski
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Re: DDMi deployment credentials

Couple things:

#1)  DDMI deployment credentials only work for Windows machines


#2)  DDMI deployment credentials are only needed for INSTALLATION ... not "communication".  Once the agent is installed and can talk to the DDMI server... the DDMI server no longer needs admin credentials.


So you would be okay with deploying 3rd party and NOT needing to put in any admin credentials into DDMI



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Re: DDMi deployment credentials

thank you for your reply, but in this scenario is it necessary to give ADMIN$ share?

Can we share only Installation DIR for Agent? (for e.g Drive\Hewlett Packard\Discovery Agent)
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Re: DDMi deployment credentials


You don't have to use ADMIN$ share, but the credentials must have full access to the new share.

It will not be feasible to setup a new share in all windows machine; however, if you don't have ADMIN$ share in your network, it seems it is the only option.