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"Time" is a Pink Floyd hit - but don’t miss the Discover starting gun

"Time" is a Pink Floyd hit - but don’t miss the Discover starting gun


Time1.jpgFor as long as I can remember, I was always strangely linked to the music of David, Roger, Nick and Richard, better known as Pink Floyd.

I first saw them at Sheffield City Hall, which according to some sources must have been February 12th, 1972, though I thought it was earlier.

At the concert, Pink Floyd played many hits, Echoes as I recall, and something entitled “Eclipse” in the program, which turned into a monster worldwide hit under its more popular name “Dark Side of the Moon.”

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Time —it’s not only a terrific song from that album, but also what’s flowed across the globe since those teenage years. Like a beautiful person, a terrific car or a well-known dish, their music has stood the test of time for me.

I still listen to Pink Floyd even as I write this blog (The Endless River album, if you'd like to know).

Well, you have time too.

Time to register for the Discover annual conference and our Operations Bridge and Systems Management sessions that are listed below.

Time is an embedded theme across all 11 sessions that our customers and experts will present.

There’s time for customers such as Fidelity and Boeing, partners such as Whitlock Infrastructure services, and Results Positive, as well as others, to describe how they’ve evolved to a newer operations center paradigm.
They’ve all adopted the HPE Operations Bridge and their gains in efficiency, cost savings and agility are great stories. Having worked on their presentations, I’m impressed with the amazing things they’re doing, and how their progress is assisting them to work more strongly with their business partners. It’s great to see how some of our investments are helping them innovate and serve their business as well as running their operations teams much more efficiently.

Below is the list of our sessions.

I’ve ordered them in chronological sequence, starting on Monday with our Vivit Deep Dive into the new Operations Business Value Dashboard that we’ll be introducing for the first time as an OpsBridge product

See more abvout deep dive sessions here, and register for any of them here

That Vivit deep dive session will be delivered by Carol Park, one of our subject matter experts and a regular blogger here too.. Carol will stage a 4 hour session on how to develop and use your own Business Value Dashboards, as well the new real-time Performance Analytics dashboarding that’s such a strong feature of Operations Bridge 10.xx now.

You’ll walk away from the session with the knowledge you need to score with your executives and SMEs using all yoru IT data, and practically any other data too.

Here's the complete list of our sessions this year.


Vivit Deep Dive

Mon 01:00 PM-05:00
Vivit 12

Get smart; go hands-on with HPE Business Value Dashboard



Tue 9.30-10.30
Lando 4301B

Best practices for fast implementations of Business Value Dashboards



 Tue 12.30-01.30
Lando 4301A

HPE Operations Manager to HPE Operations Bridge; why evolve and what are the benefits?



Tue 04:30 PM-05:30
Lando 4301A 

Improve operations efficiency with customer-driven innovation in Operations Agent version 12



Wed 11.30-12.00
Theater 6




Wed 11.30-12.30
Delfino 4102

HPE Operations Manager to HPE Operations Bridge; in-flight evolution at Boeing and making Retail agile with ResultsPositive



Wed 0100-0200
Lando 4301A

Monitoring app workloads in the hybrid cloud using automation solutions with hybrid agents



Wed 01.30 - 2:00
Discussion Forum 4

What would you show in a real-time editorial using the HPE Business Value Dashboard?



Thu 09:00-10.00
Lido 3005

HPE OpsBridge Automation suite, with automation and visual innovations used by Fidelity Investments



Thu 10:30 AM-11:30 Delfino 4001A 

Optimize IT capacity in your cloud; learn how Exelon gained efficiency with operation agents



Thu 12:00-0100
Marcello 4401A

Get maximum ROI from HPE Operations Bridge v10.10



Given these session topics,  you can see that time is moving fast for these companies and their implementations.

Last week, in Berlin. It was well-attended and judging from the feedback we had, attendees really enjoyed the event.

As I look back at our customers’ sessions and the agenda of the event, again Time comes back to mind across multiple themes:

  • 141 customers took time out of their busy agenda to attend
  • Each customer who presented was able to effectively use time and cram lots of very interesting details of their implementations into just a few minutes
  • Almost all presenters showed how the Operations Bridge  is returning them strong benefits in terms of time gained for mean time to repair
  • All agreed that times are changing, cloud adoption, containerization, the Internet of things, all require them to adopt new methods of operations management, newer tools, and modified processes
  • Time to network with peers and learn from each other’s experiences was invaluable

 I know Discover presents similar opportunities to you and I hope you’ll prioritize your time arouBolt on starting gun.pngnd the sessions above.


Isn’t it time you registered for Discover?

As the Floyd sang, don’t miss the starting gun.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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