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Zero weeds - Monitoring to remove unwanted weeds

Zero weeds - Monitoring to remove unwanted weeds


The following is a guest post by Venkatesh Prasad, R&D Product Owner, Systems Management, HPE-Software

 Monitoring the infrastructure and applications in the data center and providing rich perspectives and intelligent analytics is the corner stone of the OpsBridge solution.

HPE Operations Agent supplements this capability by residing on the server node and collecting rich metrics to study the performance of both infrastructure and applications, which are then published to configured operations management tools. I have been exploring the new capabilities added in HPE Operations Agent and I am excited at the different possibilities it offers to enhance my view of the data center. What follows is a brief insight into some of these additions

Metric Streaming

Agent was always capable of collecting and logging both system performance data and application data. Now these are available for streaming through the new capability of Metric Streaming. This functionality allows the metrics to be streamed to a target subscriber as and when they are collected. Then this data is used to create graphs or perform analysis of the application and infrastructure health/performance. OMi can configure its Performance Engine as a target subscriber can and use this capability for historical analysis and performance graphing on its Performance Dashboard.        

Extended Collection on Windows

Windows server installation provide various performance counters which provides deep insight into the behavior and health of the system. The Extended Collection feature (referred to as ECBM) in Operations Agent leverage these windows performance counters, and builds on top of them the thresholding and alerting capabilities which are imperative to monitoring. Policies can be deployed on the server node to monitor these metrics, perform and generate alerts (for threshold violations) which will be published to configured management systems. These metrics can also be graphed onto performance dashboards for historic analysis.

Authenticated access to Agent HealthView

The HealthView of HPE Operations Agent is an excellent dashboard which provides an instantaneous view of the health of the agents deployed across several managed nodes. This helps to quickly identify and resolve issues in agents, so that monitoring continues uninhibited. The new capability added is that this dashboard is now made more secure via LDAP based authentication. Users are authenticated using Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP which can be configured in the settings of the HealthView.

New Performance Metrics

New metrics are added to inspect and evaluate the behavior of the underlying hardware. Nodes running on HPUX can now collect 60 new metrics to provide an expanded view of multiple CORE(s) of the processor. For Windows and Linux server nodes, 55 new metrics are added to evaluate the behavior of Host Bus Adapters to spruce up the SAN monitoring. An important addition is bringing back the ability to collect metrics for PRM (Process Resource Manager) on HPUX, which helps inspect the performance of the PRM application and adopt necessary changes.

To learn more about these exciting features, you can visit the Operations Agent Booth 432 at Discover

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To learn more about these exciting features, you can visit the Operations Agent Booth 432 at Discover

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