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Your database needs may be diversified, but your monitoring needs shouldn’t be!

Your database needs may be diversified, but your monitoring needs shouldn’t be!


Irrespective of the economic climate prevalent in the world, IT budget is always under the radar for most businesses. This means creating a modern IT infrastructure involves right mix of proprietary and Open Source technologies.


Take database technologies for example. How likely are you to find only Oracle or Only Microsoft SQL server or only HP Vertica in any mid-to-large size data center? Especially, when there is a different database technology for each different type of requirement? You may be using Oracle also and MongoDB also in the same network—but catering to different needs. You may be using Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL as RDMBS, HP Vertica or MarkLogic for analytics, or any other combination of different database technologies.


While on one hand, you have successfully created a combination of database technologies that addresses your business challenge, on the other hand, you have also invited enough troubles into your life when it comes to monitoring their performances. You'll have to use OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) to monitor Oracle DB, mongostat for MongoDB, Management Console for Vertica or even worse write your own monitoring tools for Marklogic and PostgreSQL.


Wouldn't it be a bliss to have a single console monitoring solution that addresses all your diversified monitoring needs?


Be it Oracle DB or Microsoft SQL Server, HP Vertica or MongoDB, MarkLogic and PostgreSQL - HP Operations Bridge is the solution that addresses all of these varied needs. You no longer have to wander around multiple tools to find out which application is the trouble maker and what the trouble is.


HP Operations Bridge is a monitoring platform on which you can install different monitoring plugins - also known as OMi Management Packs. You have OMi Management Packs for Oracle, Vertica, MongoDB, MarkLogic, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Apache HBase, CouchDB, Couchbase and more and more. The HP Operations Bridge monitoring solution is capable of monitoring 100+ proprietary and Open Source technologies. A very good percentage of this monitoring solution is freely available, as community edition of OMi Management Packs.




With the Operations Bridge solution, you can see all of the trouble-making events in a single console. Graphs and correlation rules further help triage and troubleshoot the problems faster. Each Management Pack discovers the complete infrastructure hierarchy of the application (database in this case) deployed.


Although we discussed this capability only in the context of database, both the problem and the solution are equally applicable to all the layers of a typical multi-layer application topology.


Learn more about how Operations Bridge can help you with IT event correlation at the homepage here.

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