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Wipe off those flip-flops it’s time to get out of the Sandbox!

Wipe off those flip-flops it’s time to get out of the Sandbox!


Guest post by Darren Pozzi, Market Development and Strategy Manager

Innovators keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s next and for some time now they have had their sights on containers as the “next big thing”. Skeptics have been on the fence about this technology for a few years now. They have been saying things like, “it’s only for developers” and “it’s just a sandbox tool”. However, as a result of more and more production use cases coming up this year, containers are really getting out of the sandbox and into the building.


Players like Netflix™ and Uber™ have been pioneering this new technology, which makes sense because both are not only trend setters but also have created very disruptive technologies. If you’re looking for scale, fluid delivery, extremely fast upgrades and the ability to re-use effort throughout your organization—Containerization and Microservices are likely something you are looking at utilizing. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been working very closely with Docker to help create our next generation of products. Not only can you use our HPE IT Operations Management Software tools to design and deploy containers-based services and their infrastructure for day one deployment,  we also empower you to monitor the health and compliance for those applications once placed out in the real world in day two and beyond.

On Wednesday, November 30th, 11am UK time, at HPE Discover London come hear Tom Goguen, VP and GM of R&D for ITOM, and Dan Powers, Head of Partner Technology Management at Docker, speak on where this technology is going next (Session ID: SL11392).


If by any chance you were not able to attend Discover this time, you can also watch the live stream of the The future belongs to the fast, transform your business with IT Operations Management session from anywhere in the world.


Want more info on this Discover session, check out this ITOM blog!


So let’s all grab our shovels and get to work.

If you are interested in more details about Hewlett Packard Enterprise and our view on containers feel free to comment below contact us.

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