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Why should you monitor your performance—how much does your reputation mean?

Why should you monitor your performance—how much does your reputation mean?


It’s hard these days to pick up (or more likely read online) a technology publication or blog that doesn’t talk about businesses’ need for mobile applications. Or increasingly and more presumptively, these publications talk about the importance of the existing mobile applications of your company. This is because they know what we know: mobile applications are the present and future answer in the effort to squeeze further productivity and revenue gains from technology. In almost all of these articles, the author underscores the need for high performing applications. ‘High performing’ varies in definition, but essentially means speed to load, ease of use and reliability (everything happens as it ought to).


These three elements are best assured through proactive performance monitoring. This monitoring in turn assures the best experience for the user—perhaps before the user is even aware of a potential problem. This in turn addresses another rule of three: the three business concerns most critically impacted by an ineffective (or nonexistent) performance monitoring solution. These business impacts are in the areas of user satisfaction (revenue/productivity), security and corporate reputation.


There is no second chance to make a first impression


Numerous studies have shown that the public has little patience for slow loads and poor response time. Depending on the application, many users will abandon a site after waiting just two to eight seconds. You’ve lost just about all users after just twenty seconds and these users will not return to give you a second chance.


Given the inherent issues with different networks and mobile Wi-Fi access, it is critical that your application doesn’t aggravate these wait times further, lowering adoption of internal apps and losing revenue from external-facing apps. Additionally, an application that does not perform consistently or is difficult to navigate will likewise create disgruntled users who may not return.


Security remains top of mind for consumers


I understand that I’m Captain Obvious for stating this, but few people will risk using an application (mobile or otherwise) that they feels puts sensitive information at risk.


A remaining barrier to cloud adoption, and it follows for mobile applications, is both the enterprise and consumer concerns around security. As mobile applications continue to gain ubiquity in businesses across all industries, it becomes increasingly important that performance monitoring tools are deployed to ensure that performance and security is maintained. Failure to do so not only opens an enterprise up to costly litigation, but will negatively impact sales and consumer trust for a long time afterward.


And it all impacts corporate reputation


As more a marketing guy than  a technology guy, I see these other two issues as leading to something closer and equally important to my area:  brand reputation. Proactive performance monitoring of mobile applications is key to consumer perception of quality, reliability and trust. The inability for users to access subscription services will send users away in the short term and more frequent downtime has a longer term effect. Even the shortest downtime can impact the reputation of not just an application or single experience, but the entire organization. Again, this impacts user adoption and revenue from applications, but it can also impact customer and user relationships off-line as well. 


In response to these and other concerns, HP Performance Anywhere was developed as a self-provisioned easy-to-use solution.  Performance Anywhere helps you keep business healthy by proactively monitoring applications and transactions across your infrastructure. It is a tightly integrated solution offering quick time-to-value and it eliminates the need for a costly, on-premise infrastructure. HP Performance Anywhere offers new features to reduce the time to isolate root causes to difficult application performance problems through a consolidated easy to use User Interface (UI). The solution is currently in public beta, HP Performance Anywhere welcomes anyone with an interest in performance monitoring, ALM, DevOps and related areas to help us test and report on the HP Performance Anywhere offering prior to its general release (GA).


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