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Why everyone is talking about analytics at HP Discover

Why everyone is talking about analytics at HP Discover


Guest post by Peretz Regev, R&D Director for Big Data Analytics


Big data block.pngAs I have been chatting with customers here in Barcelona at HP Discover, I’ve noticed that it seems like everyone is using the word “Analytics”.

It’s clearly a massive trend in IT and across business in general.

But what’s behind this trend?


Reporting, evolved


Up until now, customers were doing what only can be called “reporting”. In other words, they had the ability to generate a report from an IT system, There was clearly a gap between the IT report output and the business needs in terms of speaking the same language and understanding what matters.


Reporting is an important process that delivers transparency to the business, and allows IT and the business to speak “in the same language”.


What’s changing is that the today we have A LOT of data from MANY sources. And that creates challenges in being able to report meaningful information to the business. Simply delivering report after report about what is occurring in IT is not enough. When an organization is able to generate mountains of data, it’s important crucial that IT and the business alike can focus on what really matters.


Answering the right questions


And that’s where analytics comes in. If the data is the “what”, then analytics is the “why”: analytics provides answers about why something has happened. It puts a layer of information and insight on top that explains all that data.


So how can we use analytics in our IT business?


Making the complex simple

It’s important that analytics helps make the complex seem more simple. At the end of the day, IT people don’t actually want heavy analytics functions or calculations. What they really want is the ability to have a VERY SIMPLE and INTUITIVE UI. They want out-of-the-box analytics capabilities within a single click. And yes, they want it to look great! We now work in a new era where applications should also look great, be very usable and simple.


HP Operations Analytics was designed exactly with these concepts in mind. It is different from any other product. It uses the cutting edge technologies such as Vertica and ArcSight logger, and leverage a unique IP to provide real Analytics capabilities for IT Operations.


Learn more

Visit the product page to find out how Operations Analytics can help bring clarity to your Big Data


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