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Why automation matters, with 3 steps to get started

Why automation matters, with 3 steps to get started


by Muneer Mubashir, Senior Marketing Manager, Cloud and Automation


Automation_RGB_blue_NT.pngWith so much activity around adopting cloud-based strategies, some IT organizations are overlooking the opportunities to automate processes.


As part of an exclusive practitioner-focused Power to Change virtual event session, I spoke with Cloud and Automation Architect Sebastien Reister about why it’s important to roll out automation projects, and how to get started.



Why introduce automation?

Sebastien’s central message was that although automation improves efficiency and eliminates repetitive and mundane tasks, as one would expect, it was also important to consider automation as not an end in itself. Automation is not the goal, he told me, it’s a building block, especially to being more effective at deploying and maintaining cloud environments.


Where to start

Sebastien also detailed three tips to get rolling:

  1. Take an end-to-end process approach, starting from the top
  2. Cut down the resulting long process and cut into parts
  3. Automate a process that is big enough to give you an ROI, but not complex


Automation centerpiece to cloud.pngLearn more — Register for the virtual event


My conversation with Sebastien was really enlightening and I think practitioners can gain a lot of useful insights about how automation delivers speed and efficiency, and why it is a critical building block for a successful cloud strategy. Register to learn the fundamentals of automation, including practical advice about:

  • Where to start
  • How long it will take
  • How to prepare
  • Common problems to avoid


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