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When your data center is automated, your holidays become real

When your data center is automated, your holidays become real


It’s August—time for vacation! For example, if you wander the street of Paris this time of year, you’ll experience the ubiquitous nature of the summer holiday: closed signs posted with Fermeture Annuelle (annual closure) everywhere. Summer holidays inspired us to write about the IT professional on vacation, and the automated data center which securely and reliably provides coverage during this time.


Imagine an IT professional on holiday: Gloriously basking in fresh air, enjoying the luxury of silence—except for the sound of the lapping waves on the shore. 

Now picture the automated datacenter the IT professional has left behind: It’s also enjoying a nice, quiet day…Ah, but we spoke too soon! Here comes an incident.

A disaster recovery event has been triggered, due to the email server going down. “Not to fret! I’ll take care of it!” Automation jumps into action. Network-health-check. Destination-exchange-server-health-check. Compare-source-and-destination-server-configs. Servers-do-not-match. Clone-destination-server. Remove-from-exchange-cluster. Disable-monitoring. Failover-from-source-to-destination. Validate-destination-availability. Update-ticket. Update-CMDB. Enable-monitoring. Add-to-exchange-cluster. Acknowledge-DR-event. Resolved: Success.


The IT professional is still on holiday, now looking over a beautiful field of heather, without a care in the world. The mind wanders slightly to the datacenter and the small team of IT team members left behind … But quickly, the IT professional is back in the fields …the heather-clad edges almost a light purple, lavender like.


Meanwhile, the automated datacenter is getting pulled in to provision a physical server immediately. “I can help if you just open my IT Operator Portal,” thinks Automation, “great, someone just did. Let’s get going!” Select server to provision. Select build plan. Enter hostname prefix. Select patch policy. Request email notification about job. Submit request. Automation provisions and patches in the background, the server will be ready in minutes.

Back to the IT pro’s vacation, who is biking to the light house—a leisurely ride, nothing uphill or strenuous.

Automated datacenter: “Somebody is getting ready to patch databases. My favorite! So exciting, so many choices! Sybase, SQL Server, IBMDB2, Oracle … looks like they are going for a SQL Server patch. I’m ready!” Login. Select patch workflow. Input parameters for patch. Select server and database for deployment. Run workflow. Automation takes over. Check-if-download-file-exists.  Check-build-of-patch-file. Back-up-databases. Get-running-processes-jobs. End-processes-jobs. Install-patch. Show-patch-install-logs. Check-build-of-patch-file. Windows-check-for-pending-reboot. Discover-SQL-databases. Delete-file. Success.

IT professional: Gelato time.


Automated datacenter: What’s this, another incident? Service down detected! No input needed. Automation has it all covered with self-healing remediation. Open-ticket-in-Service-Manager. Kick-off-compliance-audit. Detect-configuration-file-update. Disable-monitoring. Initiate-repair. Update-Service-Manger-with-audit-trail. Close-service-ticket. Success.

IT pro: It’s almost dinner time. Why not something with the tastes of the summer harvest? Lemons, olives, fresh cheese, tomatoes…

Automated datacenter: All is quiet. “Finally, some downtime to do a little bit of 2:00 am housekeeping …let’s start some compliance scan on servers, network devices and software, then I will run some automated remediation …”

With an automated data center, holidays become real.


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