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What’s new with Infrastructure Management at HP?

What’s new with Infrastructure Management at HP?


Last month we introduced several exciting new innovations at HP Discover in Barcelona, Spain.  Infrastructure Management was among these areas—with our new monitor announcements around infrastructure, virtualization and storage.  I especially want to take a closer look at the new releases of HP SiteScope and HP Virtualization Performance Viewer..  Here are a few highlights from these new announcements:


Dynamic JMX Monitor with HP SiteScope


Would you like a sophisticated JMX monitor that automatically recognizes MBean changes for you?


The Dynamic JMX monitor is a new monitor released in HP SiteScope version 11.23, combining both JMX monitoring and dynamic abilities. The monitor gets counters from Java-based applications which provide access to their statistics by using the standard JMX remote technology defined by JSR 160 (remote JMX).


In addition, the monitor uses SiteScope’s dynamic monitoring mechanism to automatically recognize changes in the MBeans on your monitored environment. It doesn’t matter whether you manually deploy the changes in your MBeans or use dynamic MBeans. SiteScope will automatically find the MBean counter changes for you by configuring the requested counter patterns.


This is what the monitor looks like:



You can also use patterns in your thresholds. This allows the thresholds to be updated according to the MBean counter changes:



The Dynamic JMX monitor uses improved infrastructure to reduce the load on the JMX infrastructure and SiteScope. It relies on reusable connection and thread pools for better utilization of these resources.


The pools parameters can be configured in SiteScope Infrastructure Preferences (located in the Monitor Settings section):



Dynamic JMX monitor license points are based on the calculation of one point per monitored object. An object is a path in the tree (not containing the counter name itself) for which at least one direct counter is selected.


For more information please visit the HP SiteScope website: 


HP Virtualization Performance Viewer


For more information on what's new in HP Virtualization Performance Viewer, please read the following blog post:  Leap-frog into virtualization and cloud monitoring with HP vPV


You can also find more information about HP Virtualization Performance Viewer from our website:



HP Storage Essentials


Streamlined IT service delivery depends on mastering the intricate relationships that exist between network, server, application and storage.  HP Storage Essentials’ (HP SE) modular design is purpose built to address the increased challenges storage customers face on a daily basis. These range from the inability to view all their storage assets that may be separated by geography, multiple vendor products and protocols such as SAN, NAS or Tape/VTL. 


During HP Discover Barcelona 2013, attendees learned how HP Storage Essentials can help their organization visualize its entire application to storage infrastructure across datacenters, multiple vendors and protocols. 



HP Storage Essentials is a single tool that provides heterogeneous storage optimization and capacity planning. This allows your enterprise to gain control of all its storage assets and deliver full path awareness of the environments that connect applications to storage. It delivers a dashboard view of storage capacity and key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark data, identify trends and respond faster to business needs. It has an easy-to-use, central management interface that helps you understand, monitor, control, plan and manage your heterogeneous storage infrastructure from a single location.


For more information please visit the HP Storage Essentials website:

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