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What's new with HP Operations Smart Plugins?

What's new with HP Operations Smart Plugins?


As the complexity of application environments increases, you need a single solution that gives you complete visibility of your entire application infrastructure environment and a trusted partner that helps you keep up. The HP Systems Management solution provides you with the necessary gear to support your complex IT infrastructures which are composed of servers, storage, networks, middleware, and other application components. 


The solution is extremely customizable to suit your specific environment needs, we also provide out of the box Smart Plug-ins, curated through years of customer feedback and experiences, to help you get started with monitoring your application environments. A wide variety of application environments are covered by HP and HP Partners. These smart plugins are refreshed regularly to cover the latest application versions and customer specific deployments – enabling you to get the most out of your HP Systems Management investments.


Let’s discuss some of the updates to the HP Operations Smart plug-ins that you may have missed. Some of these have been around for over 6-8 months now and I encourage you to try out the latest versions of your HP Smart Plugins.


Support for Microsoft 2013 Suite of products


Through 2013, we brought about a slew of releases to support the Microsoft 2013 suite of products. The refreshed products are:


1. Microsoft Exchange SPI for support of Microsoft Exchange 2013
2. Microsoft Enterprise Server SPI for support of Lync Server 2013
3. Microsoft Enterprise Server SPI for support of Sharepoint Portal Server 2013
4. Microsoft Enterprise Server SPI for support of Biztalk Server 2013



Evaluate the Microsoft SPIs today! You can obtain the latest patch versions supporting the latest application versions of these Smart Plugins on your SSO portal.



HP Operations Smart Plugin for DB2 


The latest version of the SPI for DB2, offered by our partner NiCE, brings in key improvements to cover your latest DB2 environments.



1. Content Pack for DB2 to bring in DB2 events, metrics and topology into the BSM. Available for free on the BSM content catalog at HP Live Network

2. Improved performance  of up to 25 percent via a new collection architecture
3. Support for High Availability and Disaster Recovery environments
4. Support for DB2 versions 10.1 and 10.5
5. 50+ new metrics to cover the areas of backup monitoring, resource utilization, High Availability and Disaster 6. Recovery, Pool, Log and Metric monitoring, Query analysis
7. Improved ease of use and security


Evaluate this SPI today! Existing customers can obtain the latest versions of the DB2 Smart Plugins on your SSO portal


HP Operations Smart Plugin for MySQL


Have you seen the Smart Plugin for MySQL offered by our Partner Blue Elephant Systems on the HP Live Network Content Catalog yet? The MySQL SPI adds extended capabilities to integrate the monitoring of MySQL databases into HP Operations Management (OM). MySQL SPI for HPOM publishes MySQL database performance, events, configuration and state directly into HPOM, giving you a common view across your MySQL databases.



Increase the ROI of your investments in the HP BSM and System Management Products - check out the BSM Community on HP Live Network to access the latest content for HP BSM, especially OpsBridge and System Management, from both HP and our Partners. You can also download free tools / code snippets and integrations, interact with HP Content Experts, get guidance on creating your own content for your custom environments and also contribute to the community. I also encourage you to subscribe now to receive latest content updates.



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