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What are your problems and how can HP Universal Discovery help?

What are your problems and how can HP Universal Discovery help?


This is our first installment of our blog series Unified Discovery.  Within this series we plan on covering the discovery problems you may be facing and how HP Universal Discovery can help solve these issues and concerns.  If you missed our previous blog, Introducing HP Universal Discovery 10, you can read about all the new features and benefits of HP Universal Discovery here.  


It’s difficult to overstate the value of an efficient, comprehensive enterprise discovery solution. Without a reliable and repeatable process to track what IT assets you own and have deployed throughout their lifecycle, enterprise discovery potentially can create more problems than it solves.  It is common to find multiple sources of discovery data within an organization – potentially requiring each data source to be manually reconciled.


Solutions today focus around single technologies for performing discoveries, such as agentless, agent based and passive technologies.  Each one of these solution will invariably have its own implementation models and associated support and maintenance costs. Today’s IT processes require a solution that can discover accurate and up-to-date information of the critical elements of infrastructure, applications, and dependencies to be effective. 


You have to begin by asking yourself questions like; do you really know what assets you have on your network, are you able to optimize their availability, reduce risks, do you have the flexibility in your current solution today to tackle tactical pain today?


You cannot manage what you cannot see.  Today discovery solutions must discover all elements that compose a service, not just the clients, but the servers that they are communicating with either physical or virtual, the applications that are running on those servers, the network devices that connect everything together.


With organizations increasingly investing in cloud, virtualization and thin client technologies; client and data center discovery is no longer confined to physical machines and applications. Enterprise discovery solutions must adapt to these new requirements.


HP Universal Discovery (UD) sets a new standard in the discovery of hardware, software and network assets, as a result of comprehensive and easy-to-implement hybrid discovery and inventory capabilities. Simplifying the way a complex network is viewed, managed, and served.


HP Universal Discovery version 10.00 is a comprehensive solution with a proven enterprise ready foundation. Universal Discovery unifies Agent, Agentless, and Passive technologies to autonomously identify new assets being added to your network. Universal Discovery provides end to end IT visibility through a single product deployment to support inventory and data center discovery.


HP Universal Discovery delivers a new unified discovery engine allowing customers to easily gather detailed configuration item (CI) information from specific servers and the applications running within.  Inventory and utilization software information provide an accurate picture of your IT environment, including mainframes and virtual systems.  HP Universal Discovery is committed to improving administrative capabilities, reducing costs, creating efficiencies and providing you the flexibility to support your corporate discovery initiatives.


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