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Vivit webinar, HP BSM - panel discussion – what is HAVEn?

Vivit webinar, HP BSM - panel discussion – what is HAVEn?


I recently participated in a Vivit webinar, HP BSM - Panel Discussion: Customers Talk About Their Journey and Success with Eli Eyal of Playtech and Mark Laird of Steria. This series of posts will cover the questions we received from the audience.


Please elaborate more on HAVEn, the technology that HP is putting in their products.


I answered this question.


“HAVEn is the HP big data platform that we talked about it. So as we know there is a big transformation happening out in the marketplace and big data is becoming a big concern for everybody.


HP’s HAVEn platform brings together everything you need to harness and profit from big data. This encompasses hardware/software services and business transformation consulting.


The acronyms themselves stand for the technology components, so H is Hadoop, where HP has an open strategy to support all leading Hadoop distributions.


A stands for the Autonomy IDOL engine, which allows you seamless access to 100 percent of the enterprise data that you have—whether it’s human-generated or machine-generated.


V is for Vertica that database that I talked about, it's massively scalable and it’s really built, custom-built for real-time analytics on peta-size data sets. It supports standard SQL and R-based analytics as well, and really offer support for all the leading BI and ETL vendors.


E stands for Enterprise Security that provides ArcSight technology, providing real-time collection and analysis of logs and security events and leverages big data.


And n really stands for the applications that have been built on top of this, n applications, and there are many used cases of all the applications have been built on top of this.


For example, I talked about Operation Analytics, there is Sentiment Analysis, there is Cyber Security, Targeted Advertising, Capacity Planning.


I encourage those who would like to learn more about this to go


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