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Visualize, monitor and remediate your Vertica environment with OMi Management Pack for Vertica

Visualize, monitor and remediate your Vertica environment with OMi Management Pack for Vertica


Guest post by Manoj Mohanan,

Technical Marketing Engineer

HP Operations Smart Plug-ins and Content Packs


Today more and more enterprises are adopting the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to perform advanced analytics on their ever-growing data and data types. Users opt for HP Vertica over traditional Database Management Systems because it is designed for speed and scalability while still remaining light on your pocket. The success of the enterprise applications powered by Vertica lays solely in Vertica’s ability to deliver information on a timely manner.


The increasing reliance of critical business applications on the HP Vertica platform heightens the need to ensure these systems are “Always On”. Fault tolerance and high availability are features that are built into Vertica that provide high reliability and high performance, but the question remains: do we still need a separate monitoring solution for Vertica?


Why do we need monitoring for Vertica?


Even with high availability and fault tolerance in the picture can anything actually go wrong?


Yes it can and if it does this is what you would experience:

  • Degrading Performance: The same job that used to take few hours is now taking few days to finish
  • Unavailability: Jobs are not completing and are failing


These are indicators of probable issues with the Vertica Cluster or its underlying infrastructure which directly impacts the critical business application dependent on it. What causes these outcomes?


Below are some of the factors that can impact the availability and performance of Vertica Cluster:


Vertica’s performance is directly proportional to the number of nodesin the Vertica Cluster; the following can impact it drastically:


  • Node failures over time
  • Mass failures of nodes at the same time
  • One or more slow nodes deprived of resources
  • Reduced disk space on nodes
  • Fault tolerance is built-in in Vertica by maintaining multiple replicas (K-Safety) of data stored across nodes which can take over for a failed node. This allows the database to continue running while still ensuring data integrity. But if all replicas of particular data segment are lost due to multiple node failure, the database will shutdown.


All of the above factors are indicators of possible performance degradation and job failures that could have a direct impact on the dependent business processes. It is a no brainer that the administrator needs to be alerted about these symptoms in time to take appropriate action to mitigate the problem. But who will do this? This is exactly why we need a monitoring solution for the Vertica System.


How does HP help you in addressing this monitoring challenge?


Now that we have identified the need for a monitoring solution, the next question is which monitoring solution should you use? Apart from monitoring the availability and performance of the Vertica Cluster, the monitoring solution should also be capable of the following:


  1. Automated Detection and Monitoring
  2. Visualization
  3. Remediation
  4. Business Impact


HP's brand new OMi Management Pack for Vertica addresses all of these challenges. It is one of the many Management Pack offerings that work on top of the new OMi Monitoring Automation Feature in the BSM Suite. You can download the HP Operations Management Pack Here.


If the OMi Monitoring Automation and OMi Management Pack are new to you, then take a look at the blogs below that introduce these new offerings from HP:

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The Management Pack for Vertica provides simplified end-to-end monitoring of the Vertica Database Cluster. The key differentiators being:


Simplified automated deployment and monitoring

With increasing volume of data, more and more nodes are added to Vertica Cluster. Instead of configuring monitoring for each of these nodes manually, OMi Management Pack for Vertica enables auto detection and deployment of monitoring to these nodes. This is accomplished via the OOTB Management Template and Aspects.











The Management template "Essential Vertica Management Template" provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring the health and performance of the Vertica Database. This management template is a grouping of Vertica and Infrastructure Aspects. The Vertica Aspects monitors the key components of the Vertica Database For example: "Vertica Database Availability", "Vertica Database Resource Availability", and “Vertica Query Performance" etc. The Infrastructure Aspects would monitor the underlying System Infrastructure, for example: "CPU Performance”, "Memory and Swap Utilization" etc.


This single management template can effectively monitor all the nodes of the Vertica Database Cluster.

Dashboards for Visualization

The secret to effective management and monitoring large infrastructures like a Vertica Cluster lies in the ability to visualize and monitor the entire infrastructure as a whole. This is one of the key features of the OMi Management Pack for Vertica. It works in conjunction with the OMi Content Pack for Vertica. The Content Pack includes two very useful dashboards that convert the OMi Console to a Management Cockpit for visualizing and monitoring the entire Vertica Infrastructure in a single glass of pane. Add to this the ability to create customized dashboard to meet one’s specific needs.


Vertica Operator Dashboard


The Dashboard consists of:

  • Top View to visualize the Vertica Infrastructure and its availability.
  • Event Summary window allows for the events to be filtered based on logged-in user, workgroup and Vertica infrastructure.
  • Vertica Events window displays an overview of the active events that exist in the Vertica database environment. Events are mapped to appropriate Vertica Configuration Item (CI), which has automatic action which is applied on managed node to get more information
  • Health Indicators Pane shows the status of the health of the CI to which the selected event belongs.
  • Actions Pane provides access to the tools that can be executed on the selected events in the Event Browser.


Vertica NOC Dashboard


Vertica Network Operations Centre or NOC Dashboard provides an overview page of topology, events and the health of Vertica Software elements.   

  • Top View enables you to see the business availability of Vertica database elements at a glance
  • Watch List is used to visualize data for select Vertica CI and their health
  • OOTB Performance Graphs allows the user to evaluate the performance of Vertica database and Analyze usage trends in real time



Remediation with integration

With Vertica Infrastructure monitoring like the above in place, the next phase is to remediate the issue identified. Apart from allowing actions associated with a CI to be executed in the context of a generated event, the Management Pack also allows for integration of remediation tools like HP Operation Orchestration (OO). This is is a very powerful runbook automation tool used to automate most of remediation actions through OO Flows. These OO Flows can then be integrated and associated with appropriate CIs which can then be invoked in the context of an event.


OMi Management Pack for Vertica is a single comprehensive solution that allows the user to visualize, detect, monitor and even remediate issues identified with Vertica Components and underlying System Infrastructure.


You can download the HP Operations Management Pack here. You can also find more information on these new OMi based solutions here.


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Nice blog post on why the need for Vertica MP and what all it offers. Good work Manoj.


Nice post, Manoj! This is one place to know the motivation to monitor Vertica and also end-to-end solution offered!

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Nice blog to know the key features of the product and the overview of the product....


Quite informative and presents a nice flow of thoughts for an introduction:) Good one


 What is the point of this when Vertica EE comes with Management Console which was greatly improved in the last edition !!

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Adrian Oprea,


I totally agree that Management Console that comes with Vertica EE can accomplish most of the tasks. But we believe that from a monitoring perspective, an enterprise does not look at a specific application, for example, Vertica, in isolation rather there is a need to monitor the entire ecosystem seamlessly, and call upon specific application experts on need basis thereby reducing the time taken by a subject matter expert on operational activities. This is exactly what the “OMi Management Pack for Vertica” achieves - monitor Vertica as a part of the bigger application ecosystem.


Thanks and Regards

Manoj Mohanan

Technical Marketing Engineer

HP Operations Smart Plug-ins and Content Packs


The regarding article is quite informative one, I think this the place to know the motivation to monitor Vertica and what all it offers.

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