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Virtualization and systems experts – Here’s 5 free, innovative tools from HP

Virtualization and systems experts – Here’s 5 free, innovative tools from HP


At HP we understand what you are looking for in your IT operations management tools. We’ve been developing tools for really bright professionals for over 20 years. We took it up as a challenge to provide you with something new and really different. We understand that tools should make your job easier. That’s why we wanted to develop tools that:

  • Are up and running quickly
  • Intuitive to use
  • Allow you to accomplish something faster and more efficiently


These are the goals we established when we asked our developers to create five new operations management tools for systems and virtualization experts.


We have five innovative tools to show you. What’s even better is that these tools are free. You can download them here.


Leading the way with VPV


The first of these new tools was launched about nine months ago—it’s our Virtualization Performance Viewer or vPV. We recently conducted a survey with 600 vPV users. They raved about how easy it is to use and how it made finding and fixing performance problems in virtualized and cloud environments much easier. You can read what they had to say about vPV here.


Then in June, we took our popular agentless monitoring product, SiteScope, and we made it available as a free tool. SiteScope features more than 120 different types of monitors for applications, databases, networks, etc. This includes thirteen different virtualization and cloud monitors. 


Creating More Innovative Tools for Experts


That was just the start. The challenge with innovation is that you have to keep inventing. We wanted to keep the ideas flowing, so we sponsored what we called a “Collabfest”. The developers from our labs throughout the world came up with some great ideas, by competing against each other. The goal was to provide unique tools for systems and virtualization experts.



The results were phenomenal. We are offering the winners to you:

  • Health Playback for Virtual Systems: Provides the history of VMs for the past week as a one minute video, enabling you to quickly spot patterns.
  • Big Data Performance Visualization: Lets you visualize a Hadoop cluster and/or Vertica database performance through a continuously refreshing tree-map, so you can observe trends.
  • System Process Visualizer: You can see the running processes and biggest consumers in the form of a word-cloud with updates every ten seconds


These tools won’t give you super hero powers, but they will make your job easier (making you feel like a super hero). They’re innovative, and the price is definitely right.


For more information and to download the free tools, visit us here.

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