HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Virtual appliance trial offers unique and fast value!

Virtual appliance trial offers unique and fast value!


HP has taken the next step in expanding their addressable market via the release of Server Automation Standard (aka Server Automation Virtual Appliance or SAVA).  This powerful solution offers all of the goodness of the Enterprise edition at a fraction of the cost, total cost of ownership and time to implement.


Specifically the virtual appliance empowers clients of all sizes the opportunity to automate patching, provisioning and compliance.  The solution is so flexible and powerful that many large projects and application owners will receive a positive payback in under 6 months as the solution is 100% focused on hard dollar savings.


See for yourself. Click this link for access to the 30 day Trial.


In your 30 day trial make sure you do at least the following.

  • Run a Compliance Process for your Linux and Microsoft environments.
  • Inventory the amount of content available to you via automation.
  • Understand and appreciate time savings and quality savings via automation.
  • Provision new environments
  • Lastly document how long from start of download to performing value add activities. 

Most clients perform their first value add activity in under one hour.  With the current record that I heard just being a tick under 3 hours, can you beat that? 


Don’t forget this is a 30 day trial, so document all the items you are automating. Work with the business and look for opportunities to increase your value to the organization as companies always need key employees looking out for their bottom line.


To find out more information about HP Server Automation, visit the links below. Alternatively, join us at HP Discover Barcelona, to see HP Server Automation in action!


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