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Vegas, baby! 10 must-see stops on your tour of IT process automation

Vegas, baby! 10 must-see stops on your tour of IT process automation



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Guest post by Nimish Shelat, Product Marketing Manager


The glitz and glamor of Las Vegas is hard to resist. The lights. The music. The dancing. I’m not sure there’s anywhere in the world that does entertainment bigger or brighter, and it’s impossible to see it all.


Well it’s no different with HP Discover in Las Vegas. We will be putting on quite a show this year from June 10-12. It’s our biggest and brightest song and dance about everything HP, and some of the hottest tickets are sure to be for sessions on IT process automation and orchestration. You can’t succeed in the New Style of IT without smarter automation, and we’ve got an exciting line-up of presentations and speakers for you, whether your organization is just getting into the automation scene, or is trying to take orchestration to the next level.



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Here are the top 10 sessions about IT process automation and orchestration that as sure as a royal flush at the poker table, will help you win big:


Demo Theatre

1. DT3249 - What’s new with HP Operations Orchestration!

Get all the details on HP Operations Orchestration 10.10, including features such as remote debugging and how new reporting capabilities will help you highlight the business value of automating and orchestrating your tasks. Learn about the ways you can use HP Operations Orchestration (HP OO) in scenarios such as self-healing remediation, service request fulfillment, and security operations.


Breakout sessions

2. TB3256 - Orchestrate your way to becoming an IT superstar

Learn how four simple steps—design, deploy, run, and report—can change the way you manage your IT organization. Get the dirt on HP OO 10.10, like how source code integration can accelerate your deployments.


3. BB3257 - Allstate’s five-step plan for building a culture of excellence in IT process automation

Find out how Allstate received maximum value from process automation through consistency and component re-use. You will hear Allstate’s perspectives on a wide range of topics, including governance, roles and team makeup, flow development and re-use, communications, and metrics.  


4. BB3281 - Enterprise orchestration in the cloud age

To solve the complex process automation and integration needs of your modern IT organization, you need something special. In this session, an HP customer will share what drives their need for enterprise orchestration. You’ll learn about the capabilities required for success and the lessons learned as this customer rolled out process automation as a discipline.


5. BB3282 - A practitioner’s journey with HP Operations Orchestration

Learn about automated service request fulfillment and hear the story of seamless user onboarding. Experts will share their views on how you can move to the next level of automation maturity by using HP OO software to automate IT processes such as self-service IT support and incident and event management, as well as integrate help desk and monitoring services.


Roundtable Discussions


6. RT3316 - Orchestrating for the right solution

In this roundtable discussion, HP OO’s R&D Manager and Section Manager will talk about the capabilities required for deploying an enterprise orchestration solution. We will also share the lessons HP learned while rolling out process automation as a discipline.


7. RT3317 - End-to-end enterprise orchestration and process automation with HP Operations Orchestration

Join a HP senior product manager and a senior R&D manager as they discuss why orchestration and process automation are essential requirements in modern IT organizations. This session will focus on the key factors of a successful roll out of HP OO to deliver consistently high-quality cross-functional services, as well as assured compliance.


8. RT3320 - Creating proofs of concept for the cloud

In this session, a R&D section manager and an HP OO R&D manager will address the challenges many organizations face as they test internal cloud services to support new business initiatives. We will also explore the use of Community Edition downloads to create an open source platform for managing and deploying proofs of concept.


Discussion Forums


9. DF3297 - New! HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition

Hear direct from an R&D section manager and a senior product manager all the latest and greatest news on HP OO. Whether you are new to HP OO or a long-time user, you’ll appreciate the exciting updates and content releases that can help you move to the next level of automation maturity.


10. DF3303 - The role of open source software in Enterprise IT

There have been many discussions on the role that open source software is expected to play in your current Enterprise IT environment. In this session, an HP senior product manager and a senior R&D manager will explore the different types of orchestration content, and how best to bring this content into the open source software ecosystem.


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