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VMworld 2013 - Pre-congratulating VMware on a great cloud event!

VMworld 2013 - Pre-congratulating VMware on a great cloud event!


With written contribution from Mike Zuber (AMS Cloud Lead)


CrystalBall 2.pngChanges in technology are both inevitably and dramatically affecting the way our clients operate. The changing nature of the application lifecycle is forcing developers to take a user-centric approach to development.  Users are also accessing company data whenever and wherever they are—further complicating operations. Let’s examine some of my crystal ball predictions coming out of VMworld 2013 this week, and why they matter to you.



Crystal Ball Prediction #1: VMware can now reduce costs with open source products


The first area I believe VMware will look to address is their cost structure.  Their current offerings may be considered expensive in the face of rising open source offerings and the accelerated adoption of these open source solutions.  Given this challenge, I suspect they will likely adopt a new model or a shift their current stance. I predict that they will start to paint the vision that it is okay to use KVM in Dev/Test.  But when it comes to production, they require clients to continue using VMware for a host of reasons.  However, this scenario is exactly why HP has been supporting  a multi-vendor, multi-hypervisor, and open, extensible platform for many years. 


HP offers and recommend that our clients use the right technology for the right solution across the service lifecycle. Where HP stands out is that we do not require nor recommend vendor lock-in even in production environments. We believe it should be about the client, their business and what is right for them, all when they need it. This is evident in our recent HP Cloud OS announcement - the world’s first commercially available enterprise-grade OpenStack® based cloud technology platform for hybrid delivery.



Crystal Ball Prediction #2: VMware enhances business value with agility and risk management


The second area I suspect VMware will look to make noise around is full stack support. Again this is the correct strategy as the Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Ready Compute market market is decreasing. Since VMware has been in the infrastructure market for a while, they need to look for new markets or they may risk topping out.


On this end, HP has been building a robust portfolio for almost a decade now of best-of-breed solutions that have always addressed the full stack for automation, orchestration and Cloud delivery.  Clients never run just infrastructure in isolation. Instead they run applications, business services and databases on that infrastructure to serve a business need, to serve a customer, or even a partner or vendor. 


When doing so, clients need to know that the automation solution and the standard they adopt will support all of this activity across the virtual, physical and multi-source environment. HP is the only vendor with the track record and scale to support these needs with HP Automation, Orchestration and Cloud Management solutions providing clients an open architecture and heterogeneous management of application, platform and infrastructure services across traditional IT and hybrid cloud.



Crystal Ball Prediction #3: VMware bridges operations management and development with standardization-governance


The final area when I look into the crystal ball is that VMware will likely announce something around Dev/Ops.  This announcement will go a long way in expanding their base story and move to one that is more of a lifecycle play.  It will certainly be interesting to watch.


HP welcomes this new discussion with our customers as we have been highlighting the importance of Dev/Ops for the last five-plus years.  Our ability in Dev/Ops goes much deeper given our leadership position in testing, monitoring and end-to-end automation.  We offer scalability, a long list of out-of-the-box integrations as well as our history of openness all without vendor lock-in.  We also offer the availability of a common set of advanced operation management tools, that can be used across both Cloud and traditional IT environments. This allows for a consumption model where clients can start small, and grow in value over time without the pain of costly, time consuming platform upgrades.  



Come learn more with HP Power to Change virtual event …


Before my crystal ball goes dark, I want to congratulate VMware again on a tremendous event, and thank our growing list of clients for their faith in investing and using our joint offerings.


Join us in September at the HP Power to Change, a complimentary online virtual event. At this event you will hear from industry visionaries, analysts and practitioners who will discuss how technology change is affecting you. Get practical advice on where you can reduce time to deploy, increase business value, simplify operations management and optimize application delivery.


Make sure you reserve your seat (or computer) today, for the HP Power to Change virtual event.  



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