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Using Business Value Dashboard with the Internet of Things

Using Business Value Dashboard with the Internet of Things


Operations Bridge Suite contains a tool called the Operations Connector. This versatile tool (formerly known as BSM Connector) can be used to create a mechanism to bring in the metrics and alarms. Using a knowledge of the meaning of the metrics and alarms, they can be brought into (OMi) without any programming.

Using the Operations Connector, you can fetch the data you need from a wide range of sources, and then post it to Business Value Dashboard. Using this method means that the sources are configured rather than programmed, and the mechanism that provides this functionality is fully supported by HPE Software. The example below relates to connecting to a database as the source of data. Connecting to the database becomes a configuration task.


Metrics can also easily be defined, as in this example, which uses a logfile containing the required data. Again, connecting to the source is just a configuration task


A thorough analysis of the IoT devices can be used to create Configuration Item Types (CITs) for the devices with appropriate indicators for use with OMi’s unique resolution process. Here we see Configuration Items (CIs)_ for a simulated air conditioning system where node devices are cooled by air conditioning CIs.


The collection of the metric and alarm data can be configured using standard features of Operations Connector. You have full control of the frequency of collection and how the alarm data should map onto OMi severities and Event Type Indicators.


From there, it is a simple additional step to identify data to be sent to Business Value Dashboard and use it to display metrics and event data from your IoT devices.


For a fuller explanation of how to do this, from end to end and with a specific example, please refer to the White Paper:

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