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Top ten BSM blog posts of 2015

Top ten BSM blog posts of 2015


Happy 2016, everyone! As a start to the new year, I thought it would be interesting to sum up 2015's top 10 BSM blog posts by number of unique visitors. 

No. 10: Configuring the NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic to visualize application traffic in a large network

This post by Lokesh Chenta, a software developer for the HP NMC portfolio, covers traffic classification, application mapping, modifying complex application mappings for optimal performance and more.

No. 9: HPOM users – here is why and how to move to OMi

This post is by Volker Gaertner in R&D. The post covers how OMi 10.00 has all the features necessary to be a replacement for OM.

No. 8 - Take a closer look at automatic agentless Docker Swarm health monitoring

This post by Michael Mishalov covers the challenges of monitoring a Docker-centric environment and how to use SiteScope to solve these challenges

No. 7 - Over the Business Rainbow – A new HP Business “Heads up Display” 

This post by Ian Bromehead, senior product marketing manager, covers the new Business Value Dashboard. Business Value Dash use color and customization to call attention to problems with a quick glance. It is a single pane of glass that provides a "heads up display" for business.

No. 6 - Paradise by the dashboard light – Who loves dashboards?

Another post by Ian Bromehead. This one also covers Business Value Dashboard.  

No. 5 - Announcing the all new Storage Operations Manager

This post by yours truly covers Storage Operations Manager 10.00. The reason it's "all new" is because Storage Operations Manager was built on a completely different code base from its predecessor. The post covers the details of design criteria for the new product.

No. 4 - Get to a working OMi in 35 minutes or less

This post by Ramkumar Devanathan ‎covers some tips and tricks on how to install, setup and use the OMi 10.

 No. 3 - HP AppPulse Trace - Making Easy Application Performance Monitoring Even Easier!

This post by Tom Fisher, product marketing manager for APM, covers AppPulse Trace, which simplifies application performance management down to an extremely small set of tasks.

No. 2 - New Video: How to download and install SiteScope 11.30 and activate the free Trial Edition

Richard in the APM documentation team wrote this post covering an overview of SiteScope and the video.

No. 1 - Network Node Manager (NNMi) 10.00 - Making a perfect 10! 

As is common with any new software release, practitioners and consultants have some common questions. Tapan Shah covers these questions and queries from their clients which include:

  • What are the new features and functions in NNMi version 10.00?
  • Why should they install or upgrade to NNMi 10.00?


Have a wonderful 2016! 

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