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Think you’re ready for migration to Haven-based Enterprise Reporting with HPE OBR? Take this quiz!

Think you’re ready for migration to Haven-based Enterprise Reporting with HPE OBR? Take this quiz!


Naina.JPG Guest post by Naina Padaki, QA Lead - HPE OBR R&D


Earlier this year, you would have read about the launch of the new HPE Operations Bridge Reporter. In this blog post, we deal with gearing up for migrations from the former SHR9x versions to OBR.

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Why migrate?

Migration is inevitable with the move to HPE Vertica and Business Object 4.1 in the new OBR architecture.

OBR 10.01 therefore offers a set of utilities and processes to ease the data migration from SHR9x versions.

What can be migrated?

SHR 9.x content data, Business Objects reporting platform artifacts and your data source configurations can be migrated to OBR 10.01 to ensure a seamless move to the new reporting experience.

As for your customizations, you would have read an earlier blog post on Migrating your Content Customizations to OBR ...

Are you "ready to migrate" ?

OBR 10.01 migration tool-kit offers a "Precheck" tool which assesses your system readiness for migration and also offers necessary configurations to "fine-tune" your migration experience.

It is recommended that you run Pre-check prior to data export (Migration involves export and import of i) data, ii) configurations and iii) reporting platform artifacts/metadata).

The pre-check utility creates a Migration.conf file which has many configurable parameters. It also provides other information like the list of Content Packs installed on the SHR 9.x setup.

You can always choose to select only a subset of the Content packs to export and import. If you choose a subset you can always come back and export the rest. You can see below a snapshot of the Migration.conf file.










Would you like to estimate upfront the "time and space" requirements for Migration?

You can leverage a cool option (the calculator provision) offered with Migration Utility which will tell you an approximate downtime expected and the disk space required for migration.

MigrationUtility –calc -days <number of Days>/-startDate <YYYY-MM-DD> -endDate <YYYY-MM-DD> 

How do you ensure optimal maintenance window while migrating?

You can achieve minimal maintenance window by migrating data initially for a smaller number of days. Once migrated for this smaller set you can start the collection and orchestration service and get going!

You can achieve this by modifying the values in Migration.conf as below:


Subsequently you can start the export for remaining data and import the same onto the OBR 10.x during your maintenance window.

You can also achieve this by exporting all the data in smaller batches. Once a batch is completely exported you can start importing the same while other batches are exporting. This can be achieved by configuring the chunk_rate parameter in the Migration.conf folder as below.




How do you know of the nitty-gritty-statuses around Migration?

There is an interesting 'Compare summary' file generated that would help ascertain your confidence on the migrated data. 


Happy Migration !


Reach out to us via the Operations Bridge Reporter Practitioners’ Forum for any queries.

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