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The world is unpredictable. Disaster Recovery shouldn’t be…

The world is unpredictable. Disaster Recovery shouldn’t be…


Guest post by Monica Lhotak, Global Campaign Manager


Let’s say that on Friday at 3am you get an emergency call from work. It turns out that all the power has been cut off to the datacenter at your corporate headquarters, what you do? You have three options:

  1. Panic because you do not know what to do and don’t even know if you have a disaster recovery plan in place.
  2. Feel a slight panic because you know you have a disaster recovery plan, but not sure when it was tested last.
  3. Feel no panic because you know exactly what to do, who to contact and you know your disaster recovery plan is ready to go.

Disaster recovery no.pngDisasters can occur anywhere around your business environment. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fire and flood can happen at any minute. Even disasters surrounding human error and hardware and software failures are unpredictable. Proactive planning is the best way to protect yourself. Every business –regardless of size needs disaster recovery protection.


When disaster strikes, your data must be accessible—from an off-site location and for an unknown length of time. During a disaster, staff levels may be limited and time is of the essence—so you need to know you’re protected. Keep in mind that every minute your system is down, the financial implications grow.


To understand if you have a solid, ready to go disaster recovery plan, take a short eight-question Disaster Recover assessment and determine how ready you really are.


Don’t let Disaster Recovery be the reason you stay awake at night. Be proactive and understand what your needs are—before they are necessary.


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