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The wave of Big Data is here, are you ready?

The wave of Big Data is here, are you ready?


What about Big Data? Is your organization prepared to handle all of this information?


Did you know that experts anticipate there will be over 2000 clusters by end CY14?   This figure is growing exponentially every year, and it is safe to say that it is taking off alright.



It might surprise you to learn that adption is ramping fast. When you look at some of the big names who are adopting Hadoop, their leadership status in their industries show how much this adoption counts to further their competitive advantage.

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Hadoop is clearly increasingly foundational to major business applications, in particular to analytics. According to this article, Entities such as LL Bean, Sears,  Capital One are all exploiting production clusters supporting major business requirement, and American Express has expanded from a 10-server cluster PoC 3 years ago to now having racks each containing 300 cores and almost 1 PB of data.


With rocket speed performance shown in reported tests by Yahoo and Facebook’s own usage of these clusters, there’s little doubt we’re on a hockey-stick curve adoption. These resources are helping firms define dynamic and competitive initiatives.

There is so much “wham” power in a Hadoop cluster, which means they are either mission critical already, or they are quickly getting there.



These aspects of mission critical systems supporting competitive initiatives, define the need for a Operations bridge approach, which ensures that their management is simplified, data concerning their status is unified, and remedial actions can be automated.


Horton Works, a primary authority on Hadoop software, and HP Software are collaborating to define how those business initiatives are best supported by IT resources. We’re proud to announce and demonstrate details about our latest milestone on this collaboration, during HP Discover


November 19th HortonWorks and HP Software are holding a joint webinar to describe this collaboration in more detail and show a demonstration. You can register to attend that webinar here.


If you are in Barcelona Dec. 2-4. Join us at session DT5441 during which HortonWorks,the HP Vertica team and HP Software will describe how we  are collaborating together to manage Hadoop Big Data installations.


Register to attend session DT5441 where you’ll see Chris Selland speaking about the importance of Big data platforms, see an announcement  concerning that collaboration I mentioned, and observe a new demo that show the benefits of our management solutions for Hadoop, Vertica, and SAP HAAN Big Data platforms.


Register for HP Discover here. You won’t want to miss one moment of the action!


Also see information on over 56 ways to unify your IT management data into a single pane of glass, reduce the time to repair by focusin on root cause, and automate remedial actions, using HP Operations Bridge and our Management Packs. Get access to them here.

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