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The perfect pass -The evolution of Operations Manager to OMi

The perfect pass -The evolution of Operations Manager to OMi


Guest post by Harald Burose, Product Manager, HP Software


HP Discover is in full swing in Barcelona again this week. But I want to make sure you don’t miss any of the action from the event.

Barcelona’s football teams (Soccer teams for you Americans) produce some amazingly exciting games, and as I watched a match between Valencia and FCB last night, it reminded me of their techniques and the amazing power of their passing techniques as shown here.

The perfect pass, makes a world of difference in another context too.

Keeping the “ball” within resource and domain operations management tools doesn’t help use the information they gather to its best advantage.


People who have adopted HP Operations Bridge, with its single pane of glass to gain visibility of the “state” of IT”, know just how valuable it is to “pass the ball” into a central operations bridge through the integration of the data these management tools provide.

Here is some of their feedback to show you the value of Operations Bridge:


HP Operations Bridge (OMi) aggregates operations data from multiple systems and helps you to work smarter and maintain control”
Procurement Manager, small business computer services company


“We are using third-party data sources like Microsoft SCOM, Tango04, Oracle Cloud Control but OMi has many advantages to provide real-time status of business services
IT specialist, large enterprise banking company


“HP OMi is critical to our business operations”
IT Manager, large enterprise telecommunications services company


And now, this end-to-end view just got better with announcement this week at HP Discover of Operations Manager i (OMi) version 10, a core product in the Operations Bridge solution.


OMi version 10 has several important new features.

  • Single server installation and embedded postgreSQL database.
  • 3x increased scalability of the managed environment by the Operations Bridge, ensuring 10’s of millions of objects can be managed in your environment
  • 3x faster time to value, especially with the single server installation, but also through re-engineered navigation meaning 3x less clicks between event and the fix.

At HP Discover one aspect we are introducing is a magnificent pass from the back line to the front line, your customer, and this pass brings the ability to win the match.


Let me explain.


Have you been using HP Operations Manager (OMW, OMU, OML), Performance Insight (PI), or OV Reporter for years? I hope you think they are trustworthy products. You may have been thinking for a while about the replacement for them, but you’re not going to change easily, and it’s not a priority.

Well no one at HP is going to try to force you into replacing a product you love. Rest assured Operations Manager will be around for many years to come.

But what we HAVE done is asked you what you want and listened to the responses.

We’ve listened to customers who say they want and need innovation. They need help ensuring all IT resources are managed. And they need help to reduce the volume of events generated by the fast pace of digital business, wrangling the Internet of Things and to get faster to root cause. They need help making the IT tool landscape a LOT simpler and to have a more modern and improved operator/user interaction with the toolset.

Here are some comments from those who have begun to transition to the Operations Bridge:

"Monitoring Automation will allow us to significantly reduce the Total cost of Ownership of the event management, thanks to its application discovery and conditional deployment.” Philippe Sartiaux, IT Manager, Enterprise Managment Tools, Schlumberger


“We’ve switched off OMW. OMi is great”. Jan Hampl, GE Money


If you are a user of OM, PI, OVR etc., you should and can profit from the huge advantages of the OpsBridge, just like those customers.


And now you can.

The winning pass - announcing OM2OMI Evolution.

A new program we’re announcing at HP Discover provides the following:

  • Operations Agent 11 compatible with the new technology – no disruption
  • Technology evolution leveraging OMi and Service Health Reporter (SHR) – added value from your data collection
  • Self-paced conversion guidance and tools* - plan at your pace, no forced function
  • Best practices, partner skills, services*
  • License entitlement* All customers with OM servers will be entitled to equivalent licenses for OpsBridge Premium.

*When entitlement is activated in March 2015


When you realize that OMi uses the same Operations Agents (OA) that you have deployed over the years (pending appropriate version deployment), it’s easy to see there’s no disruption.
Furthermore agentless data collection can also be used.


Across the years you’ve probably developed policies, customized filters and execution scripts to suit your own IT landscape. Well over the last year we’ve worked with nearly 50 customers in all industries across the world, to develop auditing, migration and other tools to ease the steps on your journey to OpsBridge adoption.


One of those customers, GE Money Bank, has moved quickly and smoothly, and you’ve already seen their feedback on the results.


Still we know how busy you are, once again there’s no rush. You have time to decide how and when you evolve. Things ARE moving fast, here a few elements of feedback from some customers who are already gaining time from simply spending time fighting fires, to now spending more time innovating with business teams.


“OMi is the best version so far, it provides all the functionality we need to monitor our customers’ networks.”
IT Manager, large enterprise telecommunications services company


“HP OMi help us give faster and better services to our customer.”
IT Manager, medium enterprise telecommunications equipment company


“HP OMi gives us the best services for the software, enabling quick response time, and therefore helping our customers to detect and isolate problems ASAP. OMi is the best”
Procurement manager, medium enterprise professional services company


When describing a great football match you often think of a clean game without penalties, wonderful teamwork, glorious goals, smiles and congratulations after the game. But most of all you think of pride. These are all expressions that illustrate a great football match, but also the value we see brought to customers by evolving to the OpsBridge.

As it is with football, we’re seeing that everyone is going crazy over OpsBridge too! Dispel your fears or doubts about evolving. Come and discuss with us how and why you might evolve at HP Discover.


If you’d like to learn more about OpsBridge new features, OMI version 10, SHR 9.40, and the OM2OMi evolution program, at HP Discover come to:



If you cannot make it to HP Discover, then register for our OpsBridge announcement webinar “3 Things IT Operations Always Wanted for Christmas” on Dec 17th

You can also get more information about Operations Bridge with our ebook, white papers, and customer testimonials at


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