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The history of HP Software and being “Open”

The history of HP Software and being “Open”


Guest post by Ajay Singh, Senior Vice President, IT Operations Management, HPSoftware


I was in Europe visiting some customers, and one of the customers I was talking to was a CIO of a very large multi-national bank. During our conversation, we started discussing the topic of ”open” as a vendor. HP is a partner vendor, and he was curious about our stance on being open, particularly HP Software and HP in general.


So first I stressed with him that we were back to our roots with innovation.  A lot of the innovation we are doing is around being open as a vendor and as a supplier. There are many proof points around this—so it's not just words.


Supporting the OpenStack community


We are a big contributor in support of the OpenStack community, in the Cloud initiative, along with IBM and Red Hat.



And HP Software plays a big role in the Cloud, because we own the HP Software component within the Cloud portfolio with HP Cloud Service Automation. In our big data offering HAVEn, the H stands for Hadoop, which is another open source project we work with.



The other area we talked about was the Open Service Exchange in our Propel framework that allows large IT organizations to be multi-suppliers and service brokers. This enables them to separate the Catalog function from the Fulfillment function and provide an Open Service Exchange where they can plug and play different fulfillment platforms. These platforms don’t necessarily have to be from HP; in fact, we have connectors today for our competitors in the Open Service Exchange, along with our products, so there is choice for customers.



Showing the colors of Open


The other area where we are again demonstrating our colors of being open is in the DevOps space. There is a lot of open source in that area and our products are starting to embrace and extend open source products.


So we work closely with Chef Recipes; with Puppet, with Juju Charms, and we leverage them and extend them, and certainly we are also contributing to the DevOps from an openness standpoint.


Generally, our roots as HP Software are open. The first big product from HP Software was OpenView [renamed Operations Manager], and so you can see that our roots truly began with being open.


The basis of OpenView was all about getting a heterogeneous platform that looked at getting data sources from any third-party products, and in our core product set we maintain that strong heritage.


So in all of our Business Service Management (BSM) products we look at the landscape and we don't discriminate against any product. We get in it, we will fold it and analyze it and bring value to customers.


So that's our stance on being open. We are very committed to it.


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