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The “glue” inside your datacenter of unique “building blocks”

The “glue” inside your datacenter of unique “building blocks”


Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales


I had a recent conversation with Joe Madden of the Greenlight Group. It is always a pleasure to spend time with him because he has a unique ability to take complex topics and turn them into simple yet elegant stories.  Our most recent discussion related to the fact that every client has various “Building Blocks” in their data center and they need the best “glue” to make the datacenter run efficiently without the burden that is generally caused by having different kinds of building blocks.  Let me explain his analogy further.


Perhaps your datacenter has some violet building blocks from a vendor we will call “V”. In addition let’s say you have some red building blocks from a vendor we will call “R”.  Lastly you have a few solutions (Building Blocks) in hazel from HP. 


When Joe paints this picture he takes special care to highlight that we should assume that each building block works flawlessly in their unique silo. Then he pauses and says slowly and deliberately, “That is where the problems and more importantly the opportunities to get better begin.”


For example the Greenlight Group helped a major cruise line streamline their onboarding and termination processes for staff. They originally had 39 manual processes to and are now down to 25 Service Manager change tasks, 9 of which are automated currently, 11 of which will be automated and 5 that will always be manual. This process has significantly shortened the time to onboard new staff and terminate existing staff either voluntarily or involuntarily.  How did they do it? They used the best “Glue” aka Operations Orchestration integrated with HP and non-HP building blocks.


Join Greenlight/HPSW to see how real automation around IT and Business services can drive value to your organization at these upcoming events.


The Power of Automation: Operations, Service and Beyond




When: April 23rd @ 11:30am

Portland Brewing Company's Taproom
2730 NW 31st
Portland, Oregon 97210


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When: April 24rd @ 11:30am

Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery & Restaurant
1201 1st Ave. S. Seattle, WA  98134


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What you can expect

At this event, Greenlight Group will review multiple customer stories where they delivered scalable, high impact automation use cases with customers around on/off-boarding, provisioning and leveraging different approaches to customer self-service that are only made possible by using Operations Orchestration as the “glue”.


Greenlight Group will discuss the process they have designed for self-service provisioning of computing resources and how they have simplified it for both on premise Service Management as well as SaaS-based Service Anywhere deployments.


 Learn more about Operations Orchestation

Automating the delivery tasks for the core ITIL processes drives down overall cost of an IT organization regardless of how many different building blocks they have.  This is especially true in the Service Request and Change Management ITIL processes. Combining automation technologies with an end-user facing catalog of services allows the IT organization to show great value, and improve its perception by fulfilling the requests of the end user in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.


The openness of the HP Software solutions enables the “building blocks” of technology to be built, and plugged in where needed. This approach can be applied to the different catalog options HP Software Customers have (Service Manager / Service Request Catalog, Service Anywhere, CSA, Propel, etc), or other solutions.  Operations Orchestration allows for an organization to leverage currently owned solutions, add additional layers of Automation, and provide end to end solutions fulfilling end user requests in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


You can experience Operations Orchestration for yourself by downloading it here.


Joe Madden, CEO of Greenlight stresses to his customers that “Operations Orchestrator really drives the enablement and acceleration of true automation, no matter where the customer is with their core technology or their maturity in evolving towards a highly automated organization.”


So why wait! Join Greenlight/HPSW to see how real automation around IT and Business services can drive value to your organization at one of the events above.  

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