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The future of monitoring - BSM roadmap and strategy

The future of monitoring - BSM roadmap and strategy


Guest post by Jeff Scheaffer, Vice President of Product Management


Interested in hearing about the BSM roadmap and strategy?  Join us at HP Discover June 2-4 where we will cover the future of IT operations in terms of markets trends. Then we will look at HP’s strategic direction and the specific areas in which we are going to make investments to evolve the operational discipline and the tool chains.


The overall problems that we will address with this particular discussion are seen by operations teams; VP of Ops, Director of Ops, architects, tool engineers and oftentimes even practitioners, they are all working with the same set of problems.


The problems

There are three problems that we see as most important to you:


  • First is ensuring user experience, stability and resilience of applications, infrastructures, and the clouds that they operate in.
  • Number two is how do you get applications into production more quickly and adopt new practices like DevOps.
  • Three is how do you increase the IT efficiencies and look at overall productivity through automation and other types of techniques and approaches.


Step back to look at the bigger picture

It’s interesting to see, whether you are the VP of Ops, all the way down to the individual practitioner, how often and how easily it is to get buried into the day-to-day tasks of your responsibilities, and this is an opportunity to step back and have bit more of a far-reaching conversation around how the industry trends are evolving and how it is going to shape operations looking forward, and as a consequence of that a lot of discussion around how organizations are changing.


Becoming a digital business

As companies move to become digital businesses, and every company becomes a digital business, what we are seeing is that the technology organizations are evolving into two kinds of groups. The traditional groups are focused on risk aversion and stability; and the second group is focused more on innovation.


It is being called by lots of different names in the industry; Gartner will call it Bimodal IT; Forrester calls it Two-Speed IT; within HP we will talk about Core versus Fluid IT. No matter the name, it’s still this change in organizational design and what are the attributes of these organizations, and then the interesting thing is how those organizations have to work together to be successful.


Changing the cultures and practices of the organization

As a consequence of this evolution there is another topic: What are the developing cultures or practices of organizations? For example, the culture and practices of DevOps allows these fast-moving IT teams to work with traditional operations teams. Which leads to another item we’ll discuss, what’s the evolution of the processes and practices of the org?


Next is what’s happening in the toolsets themselves? One of the big changes we see in operations these days is the infusion of analytics into everything and how big data is changing management approaches. More importantly, it’s the recognition of how much value exists in the treasure trove of IT data, the amount of insights that can be generated by analyzing that data and we will talk a lot about that.


This session will hopefully give a different perspective on how the role of operations is evolving.  One of the things I find most interesting is, historically operations is a bit in the basement, so to speak, but with the new focus on digital business and DevOps as a practice, operation starts to become front and center, because we actually have the data that talks about how the digital business is performing and how technology is delivering revenue.



Operation teams become the governance process to DevOps activities, where you are putting faster code development into production, but it’s less reliable, so how do we provide the governance and the oversight for these new processes.


What the VP of Ops, Director of Ops, tools engineering, architects and practitioners should come away with is a real understanding of how operations is now coming out of the basement to the forefront. And all of the changes and how to start building, for lack of a better word, their own personal point of view and a roadmap as to how they have to evolve as the companies that are evolving towards digital enterprises.


Please join me at HP Discover for The future of monitoring - BSM Roadmap and Strategy Tuesday 9:30 am


 Jeff Scheaffer Vice President of Product Management













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