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The future is here - experience it for 30 days free!

The future is here - experience it for 30 days free!


Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales


No matter how game changing a new technology is, most go through a predictable adoption path. You know the story: out of the gate, earlier adopters stick their toe in the water and test the solution, but it is usually a long, slow grind until a critical mass of customers really start lining up for the opportunity to use it.


HP has been around for 75-plus years, and we are very familiar with the rollout and adoption of new products. So when we launched Server Automation Standard, (a.k.a. SAVA), we wanted to try something a little different and special for our clients and partners. And because we believe that this enterprise-ready automation and compliance solution for Microsoft and Linux is the future. The sooner clients embraces it, the sooner they will experience the potential for efficiency and cost savings, for their journey in defining the orchestrated datacenter.


That’s why we’re offering a ridiculously powerful 30-day free trial download of SAVA, so you can see for yourself just how much value your organization can value. Yes, you get to download a production-ready solution for 30 days, for free—and by the end of your trial, we think you will be able to see the future.


Start your 30-day FREE trial of Server Automation Standard here


Think about what you can accomplish in 30 days.


free-trial.pngYou could run weekly compliance scans or patching and automation processes—and save a lot of time and money. You could spin up a small project inside a single department. Or maybe you want to use it on one of your cross-functional team’s large programs. Frankly, with 30 days to play with, you could simply spin up a cross-functional team and task them with looking into the future for just one day a week for 4 hours at a time—what would be enough to get a good handle on what SAVA could do for your organization.


Sometimes you need to “feel” the power of a game-changing technology to truly understand its potential. It can be easy to just accept today’s solution, but the future waits for no one. Why risk losing time and savings, and frustrating end users when you don’t have to? With a free 30-day trial offer, we have removed any and all barriers for all our clients to use the future now.



See the future today

Don’t be one of those people who sit on their hands and does nothing. Be one of those people who step up and make a lasting, positive impact on the business starting today. Choose to change the future and sign up for your 30-day trial of Server Automation Standard Edition. Read further on how this leads into your journey for the orchestrated datacenter.



HP Discover 2014.jpgLearn more

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