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The Why, the What and the How of the new OMi Content Extension in Service Health Reporter

The Why, the What and the How of the new OMi Content Extension in Service Health Reporter


In a previous blog post (video blog rather) on SHR Content, we  detailed some of the use cases pertaining to the out-of-the-box reports offered in the OMi Event Content pack as well.


But I know that you may still have a few questions:


  • What is this new content extension about?
  • Why is this new extension required?
  • How do I put it to the best use?  

These are the common questions that have popped-up in context of this OMi Extended content release – and  we will cover these details  in this blog article.




The HP SHR Content Pack for OMi [Extension] is  add-on content that works with HP Service Health Reporter 9.40.000 version. It enables ad-hoc reporting on OMi Event data driven from the collection of an extended set of event related data sourced from OMi.

Note: This content extension is now available as a community offering for SHR 9.3x versions. You can download the content extension here.




In addition to the reports offered out-of-the-box in OMi content pack, users often have additional reporting needs which could as well pertain to ‘customizations’ in OMi (for example, custom message attributes (CMAs), Annotations etc.).  Another need is tailor-made event detail reports that serve as a drill-down from the summary reports offered in OMi content.


The goal of this content extension is to enable web-based, ad-hoc reporting on OMi content to cater to such requirements.


The content extension once installed, connects to OMi data sources and brings in an elaborate set of OMi event properties. This spans a large gamut of Event data that is  not limited to, yet includes: Event Annotations, Event Forwarding Information (relevant in cases where OMi is integrated with Service Manager for instance), Event Correlation Rule details, Event Custom Message attributes (CMAs), and Event property changes over time.


The How?


For details on downloading and installing the latest version of the content, see the accompanying ReadMe that is published on HP LN.


The latest version of the content (9.40.001) is now available to download from HP Live Network.


This content extension is comprised of three components:


The CrossOprEvent_Domain_Reports_Extended content component ships a universe (semantic layer exposed to end users) containing the additional Event attributes that are collected from OMi.


The universe can be leveraged for custom report creation involving the extended set of CI attributes.


There is also a choice of two ETL components (viz. CrossOprEvent_ETL_OMi_Extended and CrossOprEvent_ETL_OMi10_Extended) that enable data collection from a choice of

i.BSM OMi 9.x  or from

ii. OMi10



Custom universes can also be created based on the extended data model – for the detailed data model documentation on the Content Extension, see the $PMDB_HOME/packages/OMi/OMi_Extended_Reports.ap/doc/OMi_Extended_MODEL.html on the SHR server.


I believe this will help pursue ad-hoc reporting on OMi events … and before I wind up, I would like to add one more thing - SHR enables content extensions for your specific reporting needs that can be created using its Content Development Environment. Another illustration for reference is bringing in additional topology information.  The RtSM Extended Content  is offered on the community offers this with a richer set of CI properties to leverage in reporting – do check it out as well !


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