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The SHR Vloggies - a video blog post on HP SHR Content

The SHR Vloggies - a video blog post on HP SHR Content


Here is a 4-part video series that touch upon some of the SHR out-of-the-box content be it reporting on OMi events, Virtualization, Network or Cross-domain reporting...


Reporting of the OpsBridge, for the OpsBridge, by the OpsBridge - a sneak-peek into some of the event reporting use cases addressed in SHR OMi content ...



The Virtualized Environment Management reports in SHR present performance data about Virtual machines based on various virtualization technologies such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Solaris Zones, IBM Lpar...



The Network reports in SHR provides trends of network devices and systems in context of a business service and helps you analyze the health of monitored devices ...



Over and above these, SHR also offers cross-domain reporting with reports that display the health of selected Business Service along-side availability and responsiveness of applications hosting the service with a deep-dive into resource utilization trends of nodes that are hosting the applications ...



And for building your own set of content tailored to suit specific use cases, SHR stays open for customizations and offers a Content Development Environment for building extensions/customizations ... 


Would you like to pursue content extensibility and integrations for HP SHR?

For a sneak-peek into extensibility options offered, take a look at the six-part video series provided in the blog on ‘Content development and extensibility in HP Service Health Reporter’ !

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