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Thank you VMware - for reminding us about the importance of cloud management

Thank you VMware - for reminding us about the importance of cloud management


With written contribution from Mike Zuber (AMS Cloud Lead)


In my previous blog post “Pre-congratulating VMware on a great event”, we made a few educated predictions on what the big announcements/messages at this event would be and what they would mean.  As the event draws to a close, let’s take an honest assessment of these predictions.


Assessing Crystal Ball Prediction #1: VMware can now reduce costs with open source products

As I think back to what I expected and what we got, I would give myself a “B+” on this prediction. We heard “all the right things” that are expected of a market that is changing quickly. While walking through the Solution Exchange area, I noticed a common theme resonating with attendees and vendors alike; they looking for seamless cloud management of their applications, platform and infrastructure services. They also want this without vendor lock-in across their heterogeneous environment. 


Eliminating gaps in the delivery of a comprehensive cloud management is a key discussion that Enterprise IT needs to have for the management and governance of cloud services. Often, this is also the first hurdle to overcome. Standing up a VM in a couple of minutes is just one step in an encompassing process. 


An effective VM also requires simplified day-day operations management across Cloud and Traditional IT, and it needs to start small and scale in capacity/capability based on business needs. By offering modular growth without the cost of expansive and time consuming upgrades – this is how large cost savings are achieved. With this in mind I encourage you to remember that HP is a technology vendor that is open, offers choice and provides complete coverage, for customers to have the flexibility win. 


Assessing Crystal Ball Prediction #2: VMware enhances business values with agility and risk management

With this prediction I give myself an “A-“.  As I wrote the initial article, I felt this was the easiest prediction to make because they need to expand their story. I see that open source is gaining traction in the marketplace and this growth could lead to a declining revenue and maintenance stream. 


As I highlighted previously, HP has the track record, the portfolio as well as a long list of enterprises that know HP has the platform.  We also have  the portfolio and long list of proven integrations to monitoring, testing, asset management, CMDB, etc. There is a reason why HP has been building a portfolio of best in class technologies over the last 10 years, to be the master of this very complex and valuable market.


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Assessing Crystal Ball Prediction #3: VMware bridges operations management and development with standardization-governance

My final prediction was around the story of Dev/Ops and I give myself an “A-”.  There were certainly good discussions and demonstrations of this technology but the high-level noise was less than I expected. In most parts, this could be attributed to a light out-of-the-box integration to existing systems like vCloud Automation Center and external services. Perhaps we will know more at the next VMworld 2014. After all, there could well be a bigger splash at next year’s VMworld!


The last comment I want to highlight came as a surprise to me. VMware’s platform is getting more complete, with innovations like NSX and virtual SAN. VMware is fast changing the hardware space by owning the infrastructure stack. Flexible, fast and virtualized over existing infrastructure, enterprises are no longer constrained by antiquated infrastructure vendors. With infrastructure for the next generation of IT software based, would this also mean that customers will be giving up choice in exchange for optimization over a proprietary platform?


In the end, HP stands alone as the most open, heterogeneous and easy to use platform.  We are happy to share with you where we are taking the platform. We are delivering complete business services through an extensive portfolio of converged cloud products. By providing choice, confidence and consistency on leading cloud and virtualization technologies—be it on- or off-premises—we empower you.   



Come learn more with HP Power to Change virtual event …

If you are interested in continuing the cloud automation conversation, I encourage you to join us in September at the HP Power to Change event.  This is a complimentary, online virtual event. At this event you will hear from industry visionaries, analysts and practitioners who will discuss how technology change is affecting you. Get practical advice on where you can reduce time to deploy, increase business value and simplify operations management.


Make sure you reserve your seat (or computer) today, for the Power to Change virtual event.  



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