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Telefónica Reduces Costs While Accelerating Service Delivery

Telefónica Reduces Costs While Accelerating Service Delivery


The following is a guest post by Kim Miller, Data Center Automation Product Marketing Manager 

Its IT services growth put Spanish Telecommunication company Telefónica in a quandary:  how could they manage increased scalability, but at the same time keep costs down? It seemed there was no way to do both.


“We have to reduce the number of incidents, to provide the correct solution the first time and we have to simplify everything because…we want to sell our services to a lot of customers. We can’t do a special solution for each one. So we have to simplify our operations.” explains Alberto de la Morena Sanz, an automation consultant at Telefónica. “The only way to do that is with automation.”

The company chose HPE Data Center Automation Solution which includes HPE Server Automation, HPE Network Automation, and HPE Operations Orchestration because it “supports[s] every technology” and provides “very complete” solutions, according to de la Morena Sanz.

HPE’s Data Center Automation solution delivers scalable IT services across the servers, databases, middleware, and networks in a heterogeneous environment through a single service portal.

Since implementing HPE’s automation solutions, Telefónica has increased cost efficiency and scalability, growing network devices from 3,000 to 5,500 with the same number of staff.

“We have metrics in every flow that we launch with HPE Operations Orchestration. Last year, we launched 100,000 flows in our environment,” de la Morena Sanz noted. “Every iteration has a metric, so you can know what the savings are thanks to automation.”

To hear more about Telefonica’s automation journey check out their video.


Learn more about HPE Data Center Automation Solution:

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