HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Taking 5 steps forward to Cloud Automation

Taking 5 steps forward to Cloud Automation


You were just called into a staff meeting in the morning, where you were told by your CIO that your capital budget has been decidedly halved. Seated in your windowless office cubicle of your data centre, you look at the rows of networking equipment overflowing from their rack space and wonder how you will manage this IT sprawl.


Just then, you receive an email alert from one of your remote data centers, informing you that the data storage services are down. The down time is leaving you with an acute network outage impacting product design facilities in Helsinki and real-time manufacturing capabilities in Shenzhen. As a response, you pull your IT teams off their current projects just to address this outage. After many painstaking man hours of re-iterative fault finding, your team  isolates the fault and resolves the outage. But this has also meant that your network SLA’s (and bonus for the year) have all been compromised.


You finally feel like you have things under control, and you receive a visit from the CMO. He informs you that  you are unresponsive in providing critical application support to sales and marketing, and has decided to outsource his requirement to third-party cloud service providers going forward. He doesn’t care that these providers use non validated applications that are contrary to corporate IT policies. This move poses severe malware concerns impacting a strained network infrastructure. Your IT department will not be equipped to support and recover from this cataclysmic fallout!  So what are your options?


Is this a perfect description of your IT guy’s day? Guess what, It does not need to be this way. You have options when your take your first steps towards the Cloud Automation of your data centers. Now you have the opportunity to hear about the top five Data Center and Cloud Automation success strategies for 2013 from IDC. There is a webinar on April 25 that will help address your day-day challenges.  Click here to register here for the event.


 We all know that IT is under enormous pressures to deliver exponentially more value to the business. During the event you will learn how, automation and orchestration of your data centre operations provides the basic foundation for cloud computing.  You will also explore the application-infrastructure needed to support applications and services in the form of private cloud services.


Automate Data Center.PNG 


Today’s data centers operate with a combination of virtualization, cloud, big data and mobility. As you listen to the webinar, be ready to consider a range of IaaS/PaaS/SaaS cloud services models through the use of HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA).  Now you can manage cloud service models with HP CSA’s enterprise grade, highly available, comprehensive unified cloud management solution.


You can also read the first in a series of HP CSA’s product guide blog posts written from a practitioner’s view, on how to improve the administration of your cloud services. For more information on HP Cloud Service Automation, you can also visit: www.hp.com/go/csa .

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