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Take the Jump and Embrace IT Automation

Take the Jump and Embrace IT Automation


At our HPE Discover Conference in Las Vegas, I spoke with a customer who shared that when he started the automation and cloud journey at his company, there was initially some pushback from his System Admins. They were concerned about automation taking away their jobs because these were tasks they had been doing for years.  He stressed how it important is to change the conversation and to remind System Admins these are the really boring things that slow you down and drive you nuts. Wouldn’t you rather be spending less time fighting fires and more time innovating?  As a System Admin, now is the time to take the jump and embrace IT automation.  Here are 3 ways it can benefit you as well as the business.

Eliminate Mundane and Repetitive Tasks

Automation provides an opportunity for you to eliminate those time consuming, repetitive, and potentially error prone tasks and processes when it comes to provisioning, patching and maintaining compliance in your data center. Some Sys Admins say their jobs are not as challenging or rewarding as they wish it could be and many are frustrated by their increasing workloads due to data center complexity.  I saw an article that highlighted “A Day in the Life of a Linux Sys Admin”, and the author described a “…14 hour marathon of installing patches on individual workstations, because they’re network patches that fail...”  This is a good example of how automation could have saved him a significant amount of time.  In fact, one of my customers using our HPE Data Center Automation Solution reduced their patching time from 6 weeks to 1 week.   This freed up their time allowing them to help more users, focus on strategic initiatives, and learn new technologies and skills.

Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Although automation may eliminate some IT tasks, it provides opportunities for training and growth into new roles. At the end of the day, I think System Admins just want to be involved in the discussion when it comes to plans to implement an automation solution. Professor Ravi Pendse, Vice president and CIO at Brown University, discussed in an article how it important it is for IT leaders to get buy-in from their teams regarding automation and to have a transformation plan that includes the potential growth opportunities for them. He also shared the analogy of bank tellers and how much of their routine work was replaced by smart phones and kiosks,”… If the teller is then trained to become a customer experience officer, for example, then they have greater career security rather than focusing on the loss of the teller role.” The idea is to put the focus on the career security with the opportunity to learn new skills and new technologies such cloud, IoT, and big data, instead of simply on job security. This allows System Admins to shift the focus from a tactical role to a more strategic role that benefits them with future career opportunities. 

Help the Business with its Digital Transformation Journey

The digital transformation journey is upon us and automation is one of the key drivers for many businesses. Although as a System Admins your job descriptions/roles may change, a key aspect of any role is ensuring the IT organization is successful and proving that you are a valuable and knowledgeable asset to the business.  You can leverage IT and process automation and shift the focus towards strategic initiatives, instead of fighting fires. This will enable the business to move forward by helping to reduce costs and drive more innovation to deliver services that put the business ahead of the competition.


See HPE Data Center Automation Solution in Action

If you want to evaluate an automation solution, be sure to check out HPE Data Center Automaton Solution. It’s our new integrated solution that automates everything from provisioning infrastructure to rolling out updates and patches to compliance across servers, networks, databases, and middleware. There is something in it for all IT Admin teams helping to breakdown the silos. Furthermore, it scales from a few servers to thousands across your heterogeneous environments. See the solution in action with our free 90 day trial.  You can also learn more by checking out the HPE Data Center Automation eBook.

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Nimish Shelat is currently focused on Datacenter Automation and IT Process Automation solutions. Shelat strives to help customers, traditional IT and Cloud based IT, transform to Service Centric model. The scope of these solutions spans across server, network, database and middleware infrastructure. The solutions are optimized for tasks like provisioning, patching, compliance, remediation and processes like Self-healing Incidence Remediation and Rapid Service Fulfilment, Change Management and Disaster Recovery. Shelat has 23 years of experience in IT, 20 of these have been at HP spanning across networking, printing , storage and enterprise software businesses. Prior to his current role as a Manager of Product Marketing and Technical Marketing, Shelat has held positions as Software Sales Specialist, Product Manager, Business Strategist, Project Manager and Programmer Analyst. Shelat has a B.S in Computer Science. He has earned his MBA from University of California, Davis with a focus on Marketing and Finance.