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Take a look at the Darwinian evolution of Operations Manager – webinar

Take a look at the Darwinian evolution of Operations Manager – webinar


In today’s fast changing digital businesses, evolution is practically constant—especially in operations management. For years you have trusted and used HP Operations Manager, the Operations Agent and SPis, as well as associated products to manage your data center. Business expects more and more of IT, and with the quick pace of change, and the Internet of Things, these solutions need to evolve too.


Changing to utilize HP Operations Bridge will help you meet today’s challenges with improved ways to sense the health of IT resources, as well as analyze and predict IT’s impact on business and adapt to the ever-changing IT environment. 


You can hear from Fidelity at this webinar on 4 Feb at 10 am PT/1 pm ET/6 pm GMT to learn the advantages of moving to HP Operations Bridge.

During this webinar you can learn how Fidelity has started their evolution by adopting HP Operations Bridge and see what benefits they have gained. Join us and discover a new program that helps you plan your evolution at your speed. 





Will Gillen, Director, Systems Engineering, Fidelity

  • 14 year veteran of administering and designing enterprise IT monitoring solutions to ensure stability of global business applications and infrastructure environments
  • Spent most of his time mastering HP monitoring tools ranging from OpenView, BSM, NNMi, OMi, Operations Orchestration and SiteScope (since the Freshwater days)
  • Regular presenter at the HP Discover yearly conference over the past 10+ years and a contributor in four sessions ranging from OVO deployments, SiteScope best practices and Monitoring Automation
  • Participated in blogs and case studies for HP during the past few years

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Operations Bridge enables you to understand what’s going on with your IT systems and determine root causes. This business service management (BSM) software consolidates and correlates events, metrics, and topology data from multiple tools.


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