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Take a closer look at the top 5 updates to vPV!

Take a closer look at the top 5 updates to vPV!


We now have the next major revision of HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV), version 2.0 and I want to tell you about the new and exciting capabilities of vPV.


You can download vPV 2.00 to sample it today.


Here are the top advancements to vPV:

  • Improved user interface and unified dashboard for at-a-glance view of performance, capacity and health
  • Alerts to detect resource saturation, performance bottlenecks and anomalies
  • Modeler to analyze and plan for capacity
  • Enriched Hyper-V monitoring with broader performance metric set
  • Seamless user experience with HP CSA that helps to monitor and optimize the virtual infrastructure in the cloud


To learn more, read my blog post I wrote over on the Software-Defined Reality blog. And while you are there you might want to add this blog to your RSS feed.


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