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Sungard Availability Services transforms recovery and production efficiencies through automation

Sungard Availability Services transforms recovery and production efficiencies through automation


The following is a guest post by Kaushik Ray, Vice President, Global Operations and Architecture, Sungard® Availability Services™

Traditional recovery procedures are labor-intensive, costly and error-prone to document, maintain and execute manually. We aimed to eliminate these inefficiencies by enabling customers to go directly from blueprints stored in HPE CMDB to fully recovered environments. Furthermore, Sungard AS is now extending this concept to automate the on-boarding production services in addition to recovery services.

However, this was no insignificant task. Just for recovery services, there was a very large number of combinations of technology platforms, their versions and recovery strategies. In addition, many of our customer’s configurations are unique and almost impossible to test in detail and totality in any kind of lab environment. Thus, issues identified during customer events had to be resolved while we had the environment (during the event) and then sent through the proper change & release management cycles.

Using HPE Software and HPE Software Professional Services, our company has been able to transform the way Disaster Recovery is achieved. We work with our customers to create maps of their IT systems (leveraging Automated Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping solutions from HPE). Mapping the entire system is the first step in establishing the recoverability strategy. We then use a customized, proprietary program to automatically create an execution workflow (based on the Application Maps / blue-prints) which is then executed by HPE Operations Orchestration and Server Automation (along with many other industry standard task automation solutions).  This entire solution is called Recovery Execution System (patent pending). This has allowed us to fully automate and orchestrate DR, irrespective of underlying technology platform or recovery strategy.

HPE Server Automation and HPE Operations Orchestration allowed us to look to the future and create a more seamless, cloud-like customer experience around DR!

Sungard AS has been able to reduce infrastructure build-time for customers by an average of 75% and reduced recovery time by 65%, thus increasing RTO performance. We have experienced an increased test success rate of DR from the industry average of 35% to 80%, while significantly lowering service delivery costs.

To learn more and start your journey towards a better disaster recovery plan by downloading the free 90-Day trial for DCA Express and start your transformation with HPE Server Automation and HPE Operations Orchestration.

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 About the author:

Kaushik Ray is the Vice President of Global Architecture and Customer Engineering for Sungard® Availability Services™ with a focus on recovery services. He has 20 years of IT management and consulting experience and is recognized as a leader in cloud strategy, virtualization, and Data Center transformation.


Sungard® AS is a leader in Fully Recoverable Production Services, working with Fortune 500 companies.

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