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Successfully upgrade from Operations Manager to Operations Bridge: The myths, truths and expert tips

Successfully upgrade from Operations Manager to Operations Bridge: The myths, truths and expert tips


Guest post by Mary-Pat Hammond
Global Support Marketing Manager


Operations management needs to evolve for the New Style of IT and step up to the expectations of our everything-is-always-on society. Users expect to order services on-demand, have them immediately available and demand instant gratification.


In a world where IT Services are now the business, direct-to-consumer service provisioning impacts operations management in several important ways. Most importantly, service availability directly impacts revenue and can also directly impact customer sentiment. That means mean-time-to-problem-resolution must be shortened, and you need to pay attention to complete service lifecycle and governance. This greater service complexity means issues that may span multiple domains.


Unfortunately, traditional operations management — a focus on alerting and pending human action for resolution, with consolidated event and performance management and lots of “Eyes on Glass”, but limited identification of root causes — isn’t good enough anymore.


Crossing over to OpsBridge and OMi 10


HP OpsBridge helps operations organizations support the New Style of IT through a combination of detection and correction, with cross-domain information consolidation onto a “single pane of glass”, adaptive event management, intuitive business impact and built-in event reduction via Topology Based Event Correlation (TBEC). At an even more advanced level, it can provide log intelligence, root-cause and predictive analysis, runbook automation and business service reporting.


Sounds amazing, right?

But how can an operations organization get there?


HP Software Premier Support experts will present an important 30-minute session to clarify common misconceptions about upgrading to HP OpsBridge. In addition to answering questions from the forum, they will share industry success stories and outline best practices for a successful upgrade to OMi 10. This session is located at Demo Theater 5 in the Software Pavilion.


Planning from the top down


One key topic will be the importance of top-down planning, as experienced by multiple Support customers. With the planning flipped, the conceptual stages must be supported by the entire organization, with management support. The presentation will go into detail about the best practices and proactive management structures that should be included throughout the stages of the creation (Figure 1).


Fig. 1: New Style of IT Service success hierarchy


Join our Support experts as they describe the steps your operations organization need to take to successfully upgrade to HP OpsBridge and meet the growing demands of the New Style of IT.

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Operations Manager to OpsBridge - Truth, myths & top tips for a successful upgrade


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