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Storage management now integrates with Operations management

Storage management now integrates with Operations management


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The Storage Resource Management team is at Discover Las Vegas and is proud to announce that Storage Operations Manager (SOM) is now integrated with Operations Bridge/OMi.

Operations Bridge handles IT event correlation giving you a single pane of glass to monitor your whole IT environment. With this integration we add information from SOM into that single pane of glass.

The diagram below shows how the integration works. To get the integration running the BSM connector from OMi needs to be installed on the SOM system. The BSM connector is a standard connector for a variety of HPE software.

Once installed the next step is to run a topology sync (topo sync). This pulls the topology information from SOM into OMi. This is important because OMi does topology based event correlation (TBEC), which allows an event to be matched up based on where it is in the path of data flows.


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Figure 1: SOM integration with OMi

Once the preliminary steps are complete SOM waits for something to happen. When a storage device sends an event or trap to SOM it is converted to an incident and passed onto the BSM connector.

Event sync does more than just the event to the OMi as showing in Figure 1. It also receives an event ID back from OMi. This allows for either OMi or SOM to close the incident. From the SOM end imagine a temporary condition where hardware reports an error then reports error clear. SOM passed along the event to OMi but the event is no longer valid so SOM now passes on cancel event with that ID.

On the OMi side an operator may have solved the problem and closed the incident. OMi can pass the close incident to SOM with the ID so SOM knows which incident to close.

In this case trap, incident and event are synonymous.

Your operations team will see the value of getting more visibility into your storage environment.

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